A week in the 2019 HYUNDAI KONA…

It’s a funny thing about buying a car. Most people make choices based on very small things.

It’s not uncommon for someone to head into a dealership and not like anything they see… until they see it in RED. Or the car that they came in to buy was red, but it’s no longer available… so they’ll compromise and just take silver. It’s fine. But to me… it’s weird.

Spending $30-$50K on something that is fine isn’t about passion. But I found myself on the reverse of the coin when the 2019 HYUNDAI KONA came in.

That name. KONA. KOOOONA. It conjured up driving the coast of the Big Island, Maui or Kauai. I felt like I was about to go on vacay.

Funny how a name can do that to you. Honestly, if it was called the KEESTER or COPACABANA, I wouldn’t give it a second look.

But… the KONA. It suggested to me tropical sands, coconut palms and guava juice… all day long. If I drove this car, I’d somehow be transported to Molokini where I’d snorkel and hang out with Parrot Fish. Then hop on the boat back to Hanalei and hit a Luai. And that, my friends… is what I’d spend $28K on.

The KONA ULTIMATE comes in a host of tropical colors although I think Red Dirt should have be one. It gets 30mpg and just feels Polynesian.

In a week, I felt like I was immersed in a life of Tiki Culture and Torches, eager to island hop had it been a boat. And alas, after it left, I was recharged from my island tropical paradise.

Now, will it do that for you? Not sure… but it did inspire me to do a TIKI Coloring Book which will be done in September. And buy some extra Tiki Torches from my garden.

So… ALOHA my friends, and may you travel far in the 2019 Hyundai Kona.

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