It all started with ELVIS in EASY COME, EASY GO…

If you know Fireball history, you know that Fireball Tim has designed CARS for the film industry for the last 30+ years, doing over 400 projects. But where did it start?

In 1967, the Elvis film EASY COME, EASY GO appeared in theaters. Fireball was about 2 years old. But in that film, George Barris built the SURF ROD that incorporated Surfboards in the design motif.

Most interestingly, Fireball’s Pop, ANTHONY LAWRENCE co-wrote the film (as well as ROUSTABOUT and PARADISE, HAWAIIAN STYLE!) Check out the poster below. It was also used by the Joker in the TV Batman Series.

But when Fireball saw this car on screen… that was it. Thus began a love for Movie Cars, Films and Car Design that led to Art Center College of Design, hundreds of film and TV Projects, the Vlogs and now… AUTOMOTIVE COLORING BOOKS.

PLUS… his love for TIKIS.

Come see Fireball in person and the all-new Tiki COLORING BOOK at the Original Tiki Marketplace on October 19th!

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