I keep thinking that given unlimited funds, what I’d do to cars like these. They look great (design-wise) right out of the box, but oh…. the potential, ppl.

The 24mpg 2019 CHEVY AWD EQUINOX certainly has it’s aesthetic right-e-o, but just a few adjustments like window tint, performance exhaust, a 1-inch drop and custom rims and you’d have a force to be reckoned with here.

Expect to shell out about $39K for this one (un-blisterpacked), but you’ll get an SUV with a 2.0l Turbo and more doodads than you can shake a stick… at.

But while Moms are head-butting Dealerships for good deals on Soccer Team SUVs, the average Joe could pick up one of these babies and go to town in the mod-department to create a badass piece of machinery that would both intimidate other teams, pick up Cashew Milk at Whole Foods in style or hit the drop-off line of the Academy Awards and leave people in awe.

It does it all… only I think RED with a big white stripe zipping down the side might be taking it a bit too far. But… to each, his own.

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