A week in the 2019 CHEVY MALIBU RS…

The world is full of sedans. And most simply, they all look alike… but why? Are the car companies playing it safe? Where did the first sedan come from? Why don’t they play outside of the sandbox?

Answer? Money. Playing it safe at a car company allows them to ensure that the public gets what it expects. But not so safe as to create something lame. Well, at least for the most part.

At Chevy, I was really pleased to see that the 2019 MALIBU RS was sleek, responsive and stylish. Once again, in my world it’s more about what I could do with a car like this. Simple mods, graphics, striping, colors. Even vinyl wraps.

Nowadays, individuality is key and it’s nice to start with something that’s already successful. At 250hp, 36mpg and $24K, the MALIBU RS has everything you need to get started. Even if you just want custom wheels, tint and stripes.

A few extras and you’d have a Muscle Car Sedan. But at $24K, it still feels luxurious in the cream faux leather.

What would YOU do with this car?

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