A week in the 2019 FIAT 500C (CABRIOLET)…

Go Kart. The only thing I can think of when if comes to the 2019 FIAT 500C. But with all this excitement, handling and fun, why would FCA pull the plug on this car? (Btw, Babes not included.)

Simple. Sales decline. It seems that people are less interested in zipping around town and more interested in carry all their crap with them in an SUV. Sad, really as this FIAT is a joy to drive, easy to park, stylish and yes… zippy.

But where I see potential failure, I also see great opportunity for buyers of the last Fiat 500’s. This car is a virtual collectible but unfortunately doesn’t come blister-packed. They only come loose. But it could be a buyer’s bargain.

At around $26K, you could get into this car even cheaper from a dealer now. At 30mpg, they won’t cost much yearly and the 500E even less. As a Cabriolet, it’s a total California car. A 1.4l turbo propels it swiftly and it’s got that Italian flair.

Plus, it’s heavily modifiable with certain aftermarket companies. A great little project with lots of personality. So get two.

SMART is also pulling out of America so it seems like the small car segment is still struggling as America wants it’s mid and full size cars. But I for one loved this little Fiat and enjoy every time it comes to the Fireball Pad. Just have to figure out how to hang it on the wall.

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