A week in the 2019 MAZDA6 SIGNATURE…

As I’ve said many times before here on this blog, my view on MAZDA steadily improves and continues to impress with the 2019 MAZDA6. With a segment that’s overblown with sedans and carbon copy cars, Mazda’s design language still turns heads.

On top of that, the Soul Red Crystal paint got more compliments than I could count. Almost came across like a Custom Candy paint job.

But Mazda’s true soul lives on the inside. An interior that is suave, sexy and makes you feel like pulling the silk sheets up. The only thing I’d like to see them do next is expand to a more serious full-size Autobahner. An 80K Mazda? Sure. Why not?

If Hyundai can bust out the luxury with GENESIS, then Mazda can hit the market with the… 3, 6… and TEN.

At 26mph, this sedan is not a head turner, but right in the mid-pocket. At $36K, it’s still hanging with the rest in the mid-range segment, but clearly just came back from the Groomer. It’s trim and slim.

Will Mazda’s VISION COUPE ever really make it to market so we can see how serious they are, or is it just a tease with design elements added again to the mid-range? Time to step up, ladies and gents of Mazda. Time to get in the dirt, get nasty and create a serious road machine.

As good as the Mazda6 is… and it is, it’s still something for the mid-rangers that want practicality of price. But the paint and interior take it a bit further than most and that’s a good thing.

Keep it up, Mazda and you’ll blow our minds… maybe.

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