My Mentor and Good Friend SYD MEAD has passed…

It is with an extremely heavy heart this morning as I write this…

My very good friend and mentor SYD MEAD has passed away at 86.

Syd and I filming his last interview

To describe Syd’s capabilities would be like describing air. Visions of the future that influenced millions by acting as concept artist on countless films. He inspired me and is the single reason I do what I do. No one has ever seen the future as Syd did and I got to watch for the last 40 years.

I found Syd’s SENTINEL book in the early 80’s when I was in College and I was immediately stunned. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision such a positive and beautiful future. It affected me in ways I can’t describe and still does.

While other artists, directors and so-called visionaries were conjuring up alien attacks, death, destruction and post-apocalyptic futures, Syd was manifesting an expansive and gargantuanly positive future. One that was bright and where people were happy.

It was this future I actually wanted to see and experience. One where love and design became one.

It’s hard to imagine a future without Syd’s bright and colorful new visions, but I’m sure he’s move on into one of them. I’m sure he’s standing at the foot of his SENTINEL right now and laughing at us. He was right all along.

Since 1980, I got to know Syd very well. I spent a year by his side while he envisioned BLADE RUNNER and many others. Learning by watching. Experiencing what ultimately would be his greatest gift to me… Fearless Color.

I would ask “Why?” to which he would answer “Why Not?”

Several years ago with one of his favorite cars.

This last September, he and Roger asked me to help announce his retirement via my Vlog. I was honored. But we also did many other features with Syd over the years including the 5MINUTE DRIVE episode below.

I restored his SPINNER Model when someone broke into his house and destroyed it with a bat. I sat by his side and watched as he answered questions of students, fans and artists for countless years. I watched him paint gouache masterpieces and struggled not to drool on them.

And now… I get to move into his future. One where I get to design, influenced by the greatest master one could have. One who knew the BEST about us even when we couldn’t see it for ourselves.

Good bye, my friend. There is nothing stopping you now from a standing at the greatest view of all. You were the greatest Concept Artist that ever lived and now you can see the vision full of blue skies, God Sunsets, snow white buildings, green trees, clean air and love. Oh, and your favorite color Cherenkov Blue.

I’ll try to keep the ship afloat without you, but it will be tough…

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