A week in the 2020 HYUNDAI SANTA FE LIMITED 2.0T AWD…

There was a time when talking about Hyundai involved making fun of their name, lack-luster designs and cheap materials. But those days are now long behind us.

Hyundai has consistently blasted out quality products for some time now… and recently having drove the 2020 SANTA FE LIMITED AWD, I see why things keep growing.

The Santa Fe is beautiful on several levels from the design pov. In a world of tons of SUV’s, this one is for everyone. Fit and finish are solid, comfort is key and their design language is starting to come together. You can see its evolution in some of the incoming Concept Cars too.

But from a design standpoint as we do here at FT.com, I really like the packaging setup, movement-inspired sculpture and ease of use. You get in and everything seems to just fall into place. Nothing is complicated.

Now, the Santa Fe has been around for a bit, but it’s design evolution has been sleek, refined and subtly evolutionary as the years go on. The front end is really nice and is bucking the trend to have ridiculously massive grilles like the Lexus. Gaping mouths from the rear…

And although your passengers may not be wowed as they enter the car first time, they will merge with it in a way that feels like it’s a part of them. They may not even notice, but that’s good.

Again, Hyundai’s production cars are not high design, but they are slowly moving there, balancing the movement of the tech, EV and material evolution. It’s really the best choice in it’s class if you want an SUV that will somewhat maintain a good value to re-sell. I’m in.

Now if I can just get them ALL as EVs, we’ll have something.

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