It always strikes me as strange how people make choices. And since choices are spawned by how we think, they can be made from a variety of perspectives. People will look at an ugly car and because it’s “red,” will instantly drop $40K on it. Or they don’t want to stand out, so they’ll just buy anything because they need a car.

Some car companies build cars that really aren’t all that attractive, but it’s simply my opinion. And although I’ve been a car designer for many years, my opinion is still just… my opinion.

Now, my brother was looking for a car and I recommended this GMC Acadia. “In my opinion,” this was better looking than the Chevy version. But he bought the Chevy because it was slightly wider in the rear. He liked the design, but didn’t really care too much about which one was better looking, simply that he wanted to haul kids around and that that the Chevy had a little more room. That’s it.

Then he found a Black one with red stripes and he was all “The Bees Knees.”

But still, GMC vehicles are really good looking cars. And since I know where the designers come from, it’s always been a high priority for GM to wrangle in some of the best designer that they can. Seems like a clear and simple idea to hire good people, but since other car companies are still “design challenged,” maybe it’s not so simple?

When you’re gonna plunk down $52K for a car like the Acadia, it seems that what the car looks like in comparison to others is key. But people will still buy Ford or Dodge just because their Dad did and are swayed pretty easily. My folks always bought Chrysler… but I don’t really like the designs all that much anymore. They need to up their game in a world of high design.

The 2020 GMC Acadia is a slick beast. Great quality for sure, super easy interface, beautiful exterior and easy to drive. All the things you’d want in an SUV. Plus, some slight mods and you’d have a badass ride. Or… you can wait for the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport and get something that looks like it came out in 1992? Up to you.

The Acadia is a great choice if you like Car Design. It’s an even better choice if you want to enjoy a well rounded car that pretty much has everything. Then, Get ‘ta Drivin!

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