Design Review – The 2020 TOYOTA SEQUOIA TRD PRO is challenged to stay relevant…

My initial response to the design balance between the exterior and interior language of the 2020 TOYOTA SEQUOIA TRD was a big surprise. It seemed like 2 teams from different parts of the world had handled each project without talking to each other. But then… the more I drove it, I started to see some connections.

At first glance, the Sequoia’s exterior is ruff n’ tumble. All truck, big, tough and very competent. Everywhere I went, people seemed to really like it. And the Army Green paint begged for Military Stars on the doors. Had it come with that, I’d pretty much feel that I had Carte Blanc to go anywhere.

It’s muscular yet graceful in a Boot Camp sort of way. No surprises, and you get what you pay for at $65K. Yes, you heard me right… $65K.

But that’s when things started to go south a bit for me. I really like the simplicity of the exterior design, but $65,000 gets you a big SUV truck that was designed over 10 years ago and comes with an interior… well, an interior that like the last Lexus I drove previously, needs a serious upgrade.

Lots of plastic, in fact it was 99% plastic. At almost a Luxury Truck price, I felt that wood, steel, chrome or gold leaf should have been in order here. Something. Anything. But no, the Truck is bare-boned plastic on the interior.

The final straw was the surprisingly low 14mpg. Now, I understand that things will get better with Toyota and I’m not bashing the Sequoia. In fact, all I need to do to get a small perspective is shift and go back 10 years.

When this truck first came out, it was badass. And all you have to do is forget about what’s been done in the last decade and the truck will be awesome once again. But competition is fierce these days and trucks need to measure up. Toyota is gonna need to step up their game if they want to be taken seriously.

Sure, a 5.7l dohc 32valve iForce V8 sounds epic. And it DOES haul ass, but Toyota knows what it needs to do to compete in the globalEV and awareness market. Let’s see if they do and whether the badassness will continue.

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