Design Review: 2020 JEEP GLADIATOR OVERLAND is the most fun you can have… on pretty much anything

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I have to be honest. The first time I got the Jeep Gladiator, I was fairly skeptical as I compared it to the Wrangler (I had one) and why having a truck bed in a Wrangler didn’t make any sense for me. But then… I had to carry some crap that week. Oh… this works.

What I mean is, until the moment you need a truck… you don’t need a truck. But when that moment comes (and it did with the Gladiator), you’re happy as hell that you have one and don’t have to borrow your friend’s embarrassing old beater.

Pretty much all you guys know that I’m a fan of the Wrangler for many reasons. One being turning radius, which the Gladiator doesn’t share. 3-5 point turns are the extra hassle and so is finding large enough parking spaces. But… like I said, when you need a truck bed to haul all the things you THINK you need to haul, then those other things disappear and you have a huge smile on your face.

The Gladiator started to be my new best friend once I realized that my Bike could go in the back without a rack. Kathie’s Costumes could be transported, no matter how big they were… unless they were Ellen DeGeneres’ Knocking Boots. Those would not fit.

But other key elemest that I love in the new Wranglers were pretty much all present in the Gladiator, plus the addition of hauling. I also liked the idea of adding a camper shell for camping/sleeping. It was a perfect size for a “snooze.”

Sure, Jeeps are rugged. Sure, they tackle and conquer the Rubicon and YOU NEVER WILL. Sure, it can go off-road on ANY surface, but yours is asphalt. But none of that matters. All that matters is that you FEEL like you can. And that, my friends makes all the difference.

Jeep has designed the 2020 GLADIATOR OVERLAND to “suggest” all the places you’ll go, but most likely won’t. But who cares. As long as that option is there, I’ll plunk down $56K for this all day long. Just for the sheer fact that someday… I might. I might hit the Rubicon. I might trail-blaze the Rockies. I might park it in the dirt next to my house. Might is MIGHTY when it comes to Jeep and the great designs reflect that.

When you buy a Jeep, you become Indiana Jones or Joans. You become Tomb Raider, She-Ra, Black Widow or Thor. But keep in mind that none of the billion options that come with the Gladiator come with a cape. That, you’ll have to buy on Amazon here.

Design-wise? Success just keeps breeding more success for Jeep. Good luck Bronco. You’re gonna need it.

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