Buy a KONA… TIKIfy it.

Man, the world is getting crazier and crazier out there. Technology is going off the chart and at the same time, we can’t go outside much to experience it. Or can we?

If you listen to enough people, read enough articles, watch enough news, you’re left with TOTAL AND UTTER CONFUSION. No one knows squat!

So, let’s just talk about a cool car, shall we?

Ladies and Gents, please find enclosed the 2020 HYUNDAI KONA ELECTRIC ULTIMATE. Or, as I like to call it KING KAMEALECTRIC.

At just over $46K, this Hyundai EV is the shizzle. A swift, zippy EV that not only feels well built, but is both large enough to carry yer shit and small enough to park just about anywhere. That is, IF there were any parking lots open in LA… which there aren’t. But that didn’t stop me this last week from driving the Kona pretty much everywhere to give you the goods. Doosh.

Tech stuff? Oh yea. Total range popped in at 265m on a full charge. Ceramic Blue with Cream interior went extremely well together, although I would be the first to TIKIfy this EV with Hawaiian print seats, a few leis and surf utencils. That is… IF the Beach were open, which THEY AREN’T.

If you want an EV, there are only three. Well, there are more, but these three kick it. Chevy’s Bolt, Tesla’s whatever-u-pick… and this here KONA. Which one would I choose? Well, $46K is a bit steep in this package. Well above the Chevy, but around the same as the Model S. Kinda.

For me, it comes down to design and this KONA looks goooood. Not necessarily OFF-THE-CHART good looks, but a great start. Gimmee some wheels, Tint, a Striper (not a stripper) and some vinyl and we’d be off to SEMA… which may or may NOT be happening.

All-in-all, the 2020 HYUNDAI KONA EV is a killer electric with kick-yer-ass pull. Not like a Tesla, but who needs barf in their car? Not me… I barely have enough Toilet Paper as it is. There, I’m done.

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