If the Apocalypse is coming… then I’M DRIVING THIS! Thank you, Porsche…

So… Zombies ARE real. And they are sucking the life out of everything! You’ve met them… in the stores, at the Take-Outs, cruisin’ by the empty Parking Lots.

They’re the ones that are saying that we’re all DOOOOMED. Well, I say to them that I have the perfect weapon against you! MUHAHAHAAH!!!

Thanks to Porsche’s latest model, the Z-Cahn, those pesky ZombieDoomers stand no chance! I mean, listen to the option list…

Porsche Executive Hans Gruber fills us in… “It’s got a massive 1000Watt PA Speaker System blasting Louis Prima, Front and Rear Unobtanium Zombie Catchers, Captain America Dish Wheels with diamond encrusted Porsche Logo (That was my idea, thank you very much), Zombie Spikes with Cordoba Corinthian Leather straps and all that matched to Porsche’s 520hp four-litre, six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.” Ahhh… can you hear it?

Porsche-1, Zombies-0. Oh, and it DOES come with cup holders. Pachow!

Cars will be available the end of this month at your local dealer. Starting price is… well, whatever you feel like giving them. They need it.

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