Design Review – The 2020 CHEVY BOLT still lays the EV Smackdown

Sure, electric cars are coming in at a whopping pace and Tesla is leading the charge. But hot on its heels is a car that not only is close to rivaling it, but has the potential to be a solid player.

Each time the Chevy Bolt rolls up to the Fireball Pad for review, I get excited. Sure, it’s a small runabout that may not be all that badass, but next to the roaring silent pull of the Tesla Model 3, the Bolt has a kick that is best not experienced after having lunch.

Design-wise, the 2020 CHEVROLET BOLT isn’t all that different. But 200hp and a 250m charge is solid as they come when others are still hitting 125m. The overall runabout package appearance is still attractive and given the right color, vinyl, tint and wheels, you could hit the Academy Awards like every other Pimp Daddy.

But the best part is that it’s unassuming, yet slick. GM Camaro language which gives it a racy quality that warrants a Speed Racer theme. Imagine, a white one with a big #5 on the side?

I’ve always loved the Bolt and there are many reasons to justify. But c’mon… it’s electric, makes no sound, starts at $36K and you can park it ANYWHERE. Plus, it can hold a crap-load of supplies from the hardware store in the back. Who doesn’t love that?

I had the Bolt for a week and the most fun I had was taking Kathie around. Each time she would take a sip out of water bottle, I’d launch. I may be in the dog house for a while, but boy was it worth it.

Interior still belongs on a Jetson’s Spaceship, although that probably won’t last into the next gen. But a hood mounted homing beacon bird isn’t out of the question. Guess I need to make a few calls…

The 2020 CHEVY BOLT is still an excellent choice in EVs so far… In fact, it may be in a class of its own.

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