Man builds fur-covered ROCKET CAR in the Woods after getting bitten by WOLVES…

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Seems there was this kook scientist out in the Blackwoods of Germany that was hell-bent on building a rocket car for the Autobahn. But in the throes of wrenching, rocket-fueling and all things scientific, he got bitten by a pack of wolves. Yes, REAL wolves, yo!

Here he is standing next to the completed car. Thank goodness the wolves had no affect on him. I mean, that could’ve been REALLY bad.

As a side note, the fur-covered open-topped coupe is powered by a 26.000Volt Peacemaker-Ion Clip with HyperECU upgrades all around. No Run-Flats on this puppy! Wings are ACTUALLY FUNCTIONAL and the car will be running at Bonneville this summer.

We would have gotten more pictures, but the dood was a little weird. Wanted to know our blood-types and if we wanted to come over for dinner. Um… nope, nope, nope. We left and went to get a danish.

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