Police in California Deserts are now using CORVETTES and PET SNAKES to pursue Quarantine Busters!


Thinking about leaving your house? Live in the desert? Think again…

California Sheriffs are now using heavily modified Classic CORVETTES and PET SNAKES to hunt down and capture Quarantine Busters who have left their homes for illegal STROLLS, RUNS, BIKING EXCURSIONS and the dreaded STANDING ON THE PORCH! Oh, the horror of it all…

People out and aboot (in Canada too!) should be aware that should you decide to WALK YOUR DOG, you run the risk of going to the pokie. Fines are calculated based on the accumulated infractions, so if you’re Strolling on your Porch… it’s DOUBLE-FINE! (Fees can range from $19.95-$29.95) But they can add up people!

Imagine walking your dog past the porch, running to get your bike and then riding across your driveway! That would and COULD be a massive fine of $49 bucks! Contact Sergio Argonez at the local Sheriff for more info: 888-SHE-RIFF

So… stay safe and don’t do it. Stay inside and watch AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON. Much safer. The Vettes are cool, tho eh?

Pick up a copy of our VETTE COLORING BOOK on Amazon! best part is that you don’t have to walk there!

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