What makes the 2020 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T a EUROPEAN CAR??

I work with many car companies, but this is the first time with VOLKSWAGEN. I’m generally driving custom Bugs and Buses, but here goes…

Right out of the package, the 2020 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT feels European. But the strange thing is… that as you sit in the car, you can’t really identify why that’s so? I mean, it’s got a great looking interior, but something about it just feels Euro.

So, this was my quest. What causes something to feel Euro, Japanese, Korean? Well, it certainly doesn’t feel Euro so much on the outside as I asked people to guess what it was without seeing the badging… and the common answer was simply, “I don’t know.”

People appreciate the clean design from the outside, but the language seems fairly ordinary. Could be that it was SILVER. Or just another silver sedan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good looking car and a wise choice for a Pepperdine student with 27mpg and a $23K ticket.

But unless you love VWs, you may not be able to pick this out in a police lineup.

The interior is very clean, sleek and… yes, European. It may be the clean long lines of the dash. The simple and practical seats. Or the fact that you could take a hammer to it and it wouldn’t be affected. It’s solid and German, but that’s a tactile response.

There’s something classical about it. 80’s practicality and simpleness. No nonsense or fluff here. Volkswagen wanted to make a solid car that didn’t feel tinny, plasticky or cheap. For $23K, it’s a lightweight road-buster.

And as with most new cars, I look to see it’s possible modifications. It’s got a 2.0l 16V DOHC Turbo, front wheel drive and doodad hookups. All of them. Drop the car 2-inched, tint it, get it in black with black wheels and you have an Autobahn wannabe. Clean. Long. Solid.

We’ll be doing more Vdub as we go, but this one is a great start. For us… and possibly for you.

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