Don’t expect NORMAL CARS from Fireball Coloring Books… We only do COOLNESS.

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There’s a lot of Coloring Books out there in the world and many are awesome. But… as awesome as THEY are, it’s only here at FIREBALL PUBLISHING where you’ll get The Wild Thing.

Anyone who can draw… can draw a Mustang. But with Fireball Tim’s experience in over 400 films and literally thousands of commercials in designing vehicles, our cars are truly one-of-a-kind.

Each book is tailor made to it’s audience. And rest assured, if we don’t have a book for your taste… we soon will. The plan is to hit 100 Books!

So here’s what’s coming in the coming years. MOPAR, FERRARI, BIG TRUCKS, HOLLYWOOD SPACESHIPS, JAGUAR, ARMY, AIR FORCE, POLICE, FIRE & RESCUE. And that’s only the beginning folks… Get on board and grab a Fireball Coloring Book… and GET ‘TA COLORIN!”

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