In the world of ART and ILLUSTRATION, it’s hard to gauge your worth. But after years of both doing the right things and doing the WRONG things, I’ve gotten a chance to discover the BIGGEST MISTAKE Artists make.

As an up-and-comer, you don’t want to blow yourself out of the park. So, working into a fee is best. But now being a Gallery Owner and after dealing with literally thousands of Artists, Conceptualists, Photographers and all kinds of creative thinkers, it’s clear that people don’t understand their worth.

What I used to do is up my fee with every new job until it was clear that it was too much. Then, I’d settle in and work for at least a year at that fee to solidify my position. Then, I’d start upping again…

It’s important to stand your ground at the risk of losing the gig. But NEVER BE LOWBALLED. You ARE worth every penny because they are not paying you for what you can do… but for your years of experience. DON’T try to charge up the wazoo if you’re young and have only a couple years in, but if you’re seasoned, then give it a go to the ceiling.

So, the BIGGEST MISTAKE Artists make is NOT charging enough for what you do… Now, get out there, be confident and create awesomeness!!

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