A smooth week in the revised 2020 LEXUS ES300h HYBRID…

Sedans are plentiful with brands nowadays. So much so that it can be hard to tell them apart… were you to remove the badging.

So what are they doing to make themselves stand out DESIGN-WISE. As we are a design-blog, I’ll leave the tech stuff for the next guy and simply mention 44mpg, 2.5l 4cyl Hybrid Drive and a $53K Dagger.

When I look at cars, rarely do I see them as they stand but rather what they could become. They’re POTENTIAL. Something that makes them unique to you. And with that in mind, I’m going to include some Fireballness in all my design reviews from now on.

Case in point, this new 2020 LEXUS ES 300h. It’s an absolutely terrible name to call a car with no creativity at all… so we’re going to change it to the SHOGUN and give it a bit of flair below.

Out of the box, the Lexus’ “pinch” language is still working for them although slowly entering into it’s twilight years. Time for some freshness soon, but I’m sure that’s happening. The best part of this 2020 model? The INTERIOR. A sexy-cool space that pities the fool who doesn’t spend time in the rear.

Seriously, how many people buy these cars and NEVER sit in the rear. Fo-Shame. But the cockpit is smooth and sexy and really well executed with it’s material choices and sculpture.

EXTERIOR is still ok, yet feeling beefy. Quarter Ponder Beefy. It’s a big car for sure and with some color-change options other than silver, might help lighten it up.

Our SHOGUN mods reveals what could be done with this Lexus should you get a wee bit ballsy. Slight color separation in the body panels breaks up the heaviness and with the addition of some WARRIOR SPIRIT and larger blacken rims… helps to complete the setup.

Not a costly excursion should you decide to add some flavor to the stock version. Would be a sleek sled for slides to Vegas.

We like the 2020 LEXUS, but eagerly looking to see their language EVOLVE. The grills are big enough now and will pretty much take over the entire front end soon. We’d recommend sketch development and exploring areas of INSPIRATION. But as we doubt that Lexus is really listening, let’s just keep our swords crossed and drive on…

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