A super intense adrenaline week in the 2020 CHEVY CAMARO 1LT…

When someone tells you that a car “feels” like an extension of themselves, it “feels” like a cliche. I mean, how can a car feel like an extension of your arms legs… and ears?

But if you can’t understand how that can be so, let me explain by saying that obviously, you haven’t driven the right car yet.

This is not something that’s going to happen necessarily in a regular sedan and is most likely targeted to a performance car.

But I’ve driven virtually every kind of car on the planet and when I say that the 2020 CAMARO 1LT feels like and extension of myself… I mean exactly that.

It’s pinpointed accuracy is like a perfect Karate Kata… Each move directly focused to where you want it to go. Street, Track, Freeway, Driveway. It’s like a perfect suit that can be removed to an MMA Status, ready for anything.

The design has evolved slowly since this gen first came out and is getting leaner and meaner as the years go by. Less nostalgic and MORE EVOLVED. At this rate, it can only go forward.

Knowing Chevy, they are currently working on the NEXT GEN as I write this, being inspired by not only performance tech and mean design, but EV Hyper-power. You CAN’T have a 4-door Tesla be beating a Camaro, and they know this which is why this time in Camaro’s life it’s so EXCITING.

This next month marks the launch of our CAMARO Coloring Book and it’s perfectly appropriate as this mesomorphic beast is taking 6 hour workouts very seriously in the hands of enthusiasts. The design is sculpturally beautiful and the interior as close to a fighter cockpit than anything else. Even some Jets I’ve seen.

Mustangs and Mopars are also solid members of the Musclecar Family, but Camaro is piercingly serious about a focus and determined future. THAT… is clear by GM launching the EV Hummer soon and not a regular SUV. Nothing normal seems to be happening at GM right now.

I’m VERY excited about the future of Camaro’s intensity. Driving it for a week kept my blood pumping in the right direction and luckily, out of the pokie as it does make a fun car for the Malibu canyons too.

Again, an already sleek machine of road destruction and I anticipate more Transformers action in the near future…

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