To survive the BATDEMIC… the Caped Crusader needs more than a Batmobile… So he’s ordered a BATBUS!

It’s not uncommon for us here at Fireball Publishing to get a request from a CELEBRITY or SUPERHERO. Just the other day, we did a sketch for the Toxic Avenger (Nice guy…)

But recently, BATMAN reached out to us to deal with what’s going on the the world. Pandemic, Looters, Evil Scum and Villainy. He wanted us to come up with a Batmobile that could carry more GEAR. This, the BATBUS was born!

He’s got his own team of builders, so if you’re up late one night in the next couple weeks… and in the thick of criminal actions, you may see this one coming. The BATBUS… it’s VDUB BUS with built-in Hurt.

Btw, if you’re a Superhero or Celeb and you want a book or sketch? Lmk. BIG announcement coming next week!

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