These are the Best POSTER ARTISTS in Hollywood…

I’ve been in Hollywood (doing Concept Work) since 1983. And in that time, I’ve gotten a chance to meet and work with many really great artists. Drew Struzan, Dan Goozee, Syd Mead, Ron Cobb. All, exceptional talents and have certainly inspired what we’re doing today here at Fireball Publishing.

But Poster Art is far more complex than it looks on the surface. Designing a poster for movies is about leading the eye where you want the viewer to go via subject matter, color and contrast in order to lead a story.

Here’s a piece from Drew. Amazing Ver2 from BTTF3. This is an evolution from the first two films, but very successful. Great example of movement, color, contrast and humor. I could stare at these for days…

If you’re an artist, consider the superior importance of composition design long before color and texture. This is what we apply to all our Coloring Books here at Fireball. Composition is KEY. Lead the viewer on an incredible journey and the dividends will be immense.

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