A week in the 2020 LEXUS NX 300H SUV proves… that it’s a struggling SUV

Let’s get this right out of the box, shall we?

I’m not a huge fan of LEXUS. Primarily their design language, as the “pinch” is now getting less interesting. Some of the cars are still retaining their youthful fresh look, but some… just simply aren’t.

For me, the 2020 LEXUS NX 300Hybrid is on the fence for a couple reasons. On the good side, the interior and seating is very cool, comfortable and well executed. Although still using that cheap gray plastic from a decade ago.

Choice of color options and ergonomics is sound on the inside, although some of the interplay is losing its luster. The red on black seats are cool…

Some of the exterior design elements still work, how the front turn signal lights pierce into the grill and cause the pinch. Some of the scalloping on the rear still works, but the side still feels like someone bashed into it. Clearly dented. I even had someone come up to me and say “bummer,” only to realize that it was designed that way. Hm.

Front nose is still very high and upturned. Feels like attitude and not being open to ideas. But for a $50K Hybrid SUV that gets only 31mpg, I think it’s time to be open. I’d pay $50K for electric or a Hybrid that gets 55mpg.

Good news though is that Lexus is working on new things… at least, I THINK they are. Shouldn’t they be? I mean, do you still want to make cars like this that feel old and un-languaged, or do you want people to buy your cars ’cause they’re frikkin’ cool?

How do I know? My brother just turned in his Lexus SUV for a GMC Traverse. His reason? It just felt old and was missing its mojo…

Sad. A car missing its Mojo. That’s code for Badassery, even in an SUV. If you’re gonna have an attitude, let it be a humble one and not elitist. Now, I’m not saying that Lexus is that, but I am saying that they need to hire some fresh blood with new ideas.

Do a Movie. Do some Hot Wheels. Do a ridiculously funny Steampunk SEMA Car. Have fun and relax. Maybe follow behind the Jeeps on the Yukon Trail? I don’t know… maybe just go to the beach for a while and get inspired. Talk to the all-mighty CarGod.

But keep the girl who’s doing the interiors from home. She’s doing a good job and has a handle on coolness, so maybe a raise is in order.

Until LEXUS finds its mojo, there won’t be any Coloring Books on the Horizon. Ok, maybe the LC 500… That’s pretty Mojo-riffic.

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