July 2020 WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU… Some of the Best Shots

Ok, here’s my Official Disclaimer…

I’m posting photos from yesterday’s show, but I’m purposely NOT posting the names of the photographers and NOT giving them credit… yet.

Why? ‘Cause there were TOO DAMN MANY SHOTS TAKEN!!! Literally, there were hundred of photos and I’m very grateful that you all had such a good time… as did I!

IF you see you photo here, and IF I didn’t credit you, then email me/text me/yell at me to include you. We had nearly 25 professional photographers and videographers at the show and you all are AWESOME. These shots are BUT A FEW. There will be more… from Steve Geldman, Wes Nielsen, Scott Martin, Stephen Russo, Heather Boucher, Jerry Crocker… (ADD YOUR NAME HERE)

I will keep this gallery flowing…

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