HUGE NEWS!!!! Fireball locks in Christmastime Coloring Book with a serious AUTOMOTIVE HEAVY HITTER…

The 2020 slate is now COMPLETE! Not only does the TONY DOW Coloring Book launch in just 12 days, but Fireball Publishing has now locked in its Christmastime Coloring Book with none other than Master Builder GENE WINFIELD!

That’s right, December 1st will be the launch of The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book filled with 19 of Gene’s groundbreaking builds over his stellar 70+ year career. Plus… a super cool MAZE that we haven’t even come up with yet!

Plus… we’re almost ready to reveal another book that’s equally INSANE!!

Also, stay tuned as we’ll be releasing STATION WAGONS at the Buellton Vintage Trailer Show in September!!

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