Fireball locks in final CUSTOM Automotive Coloring Book for 2020 with Collector/Builder GARY WALES…

Wrapping up 2020 is turning out to be quite spectacular at Fireball Publishing. Here’s the slate as it looks for our line-up of Coloring Books up to Christmas.

August 1 reveals The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book, with only 10 days to launch. And it looks fantastic for all you “Leave it to Beaver” fans.

September 1st brings STATION WAGONS which we’ll be doing a fun event at the Buellton Vintage Trailer Show along with a Special Guest Signing with TONY and his wife LAUREN.

October 1 is ANOTHER big reveal and this time it’s The Official GARY WALES COLLECTION! If you know Gary, then you know he’s got some amazing Cars including La Bestioni.

November 1st is a new Travel Coloring Book on HAWAII! Should be a Blast and feature the BEST of all the Islands!

The, come December 1st is The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book! 19 of Gene’s amazing builds including Maybelline, Pacifica and The Wild Cad. A spectacular book just in time for Christmas!

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