EXPLOSIVE FIREBALL NEWS! First Coloring Book for 2021 is now LOCKED, and it’s…

The rest of the year here at Fireball Publishing is absolutely WACKO with Station Wagons, Gary Wales, Gene Winfield and Bronco! But for our first book in 2021… we’re doing VEHICLES of SYD MEAD!! Holy Crapariffic!!!

If you don’t know Syd, then climb out from your rock and listen up! Syd was the foremost conceptualist on films like BLADE RUNNER, ALIENS, TRON and many other fantastic movies. But this new Coloring Book will be his UNIQUE VEHICLE DESIGNS and it’s EXCLUSIVE to FIREBALL!

More info on this truly epic book will be coming in the next few months, but right now, it’s back to STATION WAGON!

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