Ugly, Funky or COOL? 2020 JEEP CHEROKEE TRAILHAWK ELITE is one of these…

I’ve heard a lot of opinions on this off-roader… and they’re all over the place. Some say it’s ugly, some say it’s got “funk” and some absolutely love it. But there’s one thing the 2020 JEEP CHEROKEE TRAILHAWK ELITE has that all can agree…

It’s that it is capable of handling just about anything.

Here’s my case. Remember the Buick Grand National? Well, when Buick first introduced the sedan/coupe, it was a nominal yield. But the moment they added a massive power-plant, the car was popular.

The Cherokee Trailhawk has a very high front end (for good reason), somewhat standard small SUV language and a crap-load of buttons on the inside. And at first glance, you’d say that the average Soccer Mom (if soccer was still happening) would be stoked.

But the truth is that most people will NEVER do with the Trailhawk what it was designed for. What EVERY Jeep is designed for. And that, my friends is hitting the back country.

Kinda like buying an F1 car and taking it to the store. But exhilaration is replaced with exploration.

A week in this car is not enough to do what it’s designed for, but the thoughts of exploration and adventure permeate as a wish unfulfilled. Think… Your Mom buys you a Surfboard for Christmas… but you live in North Dakota. Ug.

Now, where am I on the UGLY, FUNKY or COOL bit? I would say it’s Funky Cool. Just weird enough to feel awesome in, especially if you hit the trails. Confident enough against other SUVs on the freeway and comfortable enough to feel like you’re in the lap o’ lux.

Like I’ve said before so many times here on the Fireball Blog, JEEPS are one of my favorites in all colors, flavors and designs. On the inside, it’s all comfort and high-aesthetic. I mean it’s REALLY nice. Kinda like taking your Bentley out for a Trail Snap. But… you have 15 other Jeeps at home instead of buying the Bentley. And none of them are in the shop…

And out of all those buttons on the inside, I only used about 1/2 in the week. So expect to spend some time figuring out what things do… and then DO them. Pretty sure there’s a Mother-In-Law Back Seat Eject in there. (MINBSE?) Note to Jeep… there should be.

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