A revealing week with the INS and OUTS of the 2020 VOLKWAGEN JETTA…

Some descriptions for INS and OUTS can be summed up as Hard Shell Candy coating and Creamy Gooey Center. Not normally how you’d describe a car, but let’s pretend shall we?

Upon first look, the 2020 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA isn’t that exciting. I mean, it looks good and makes perfect sense in the same way that a candy coating looks. Somewhat unobtrusive and benign… but it’s only the shell.

Again, the exterior design of the JETTA is nice. Very nice and simple. But it isn’t the real story…

Upon first glance and sans the badging, you wouldn’t really know what it is. It could be a Hyundai, Toyota or Audi maybe to the unskooooled. But you’d have to agree that it just looks right. Everything seems to be exactly where it should be and is well balanced. Successful.

But once inside, the first view of that creamy gooey center hits you. This is not a Japanese or Korean car. It’s distinctly German. The lines are long and lean. Fitment strong and tight. It just looks solid as a rock, and it is.

The thick pinstripe seats are bold and wonderful to admire and the comfort grips you tight like it wants to make you feel safe. There’s no plastic-y cheap feeling here.

IP Cluster is easy to adjust to and instruments clear. But you instantly feel ready to drive. And it does what it’s supposed to do… and better the faster you go. It almost seems to hunker down and grab the road in a way that won’t let go.

So there’s the creamy part. It’s gooood.

But here’s the gooey delicious part. The car starts under $19K, gets 40mpg and is 147hp. Get the candy coat in Deep Pearl Black, tint the windows and darken the wheels. Then go back to your Spy Business and you’ll be fine. No one will mess with you.

I’m not really one for simple cars as you may know. I like emotion in design. But for the 2020 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA, the real story is on the inside and that’s really where you’ll live in a car. Pretty sure that this one will be around long after you sell it… if you ever do. How do you say “Bitchin'” in German?

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