FIREBALL WAGON WARS!!! Today… it’s Massive Detroit Steel Bashing…

A full-on smoosh-fest as the 1965 Ford Country Squire CRUSHES it’s competition… the 1968 Buick Sport Wagon! OUCH! The Buick launches like a flaming tiki into my LOSER Folder! WINNA: FORD! (Did you feel the heat?)

Today again… it’s a Face-off of EPIC DETROIT STEEL as it’s the 1973 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY VS. 1977 FORD LTD WAGON! Like Godzilla VS his TWIN COUSIN of a different Mom’s Brother’s Neighbor’s Sister! PACHOW!!! VOTE NOW before the World Implodes! Vote-doggety-VOTENOW!

BIG THANKS to those that have already sent in their Wagons to compete in our next EPIC BATTLE! FIREBALL WAGONS WARS: YOUR WAGONS EDITION! Shoot a good Photo and some Info to for a chance to WIN our Signed/Sketched Station Wagons Book, DIECAST, CHOCOLATE and God-Knows-What-Else I can fit into it!! And don’t forget to pick up a Coloring Copy for the Kiddies from Amazon for the Hoooladays!

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