We’ve competed with over 50 Wagons… but there can be only one-true-winner. Yesterday was a tough one, but YOU VOTED… and the WINNER is the 1965 Ford Country Squire with the 1973 Chrysler hot on it’s tail!

FINAL BATTLE!!! Tomorrow, we’ll feature ALL the competitors together in one POST. A full gallery! And then… on SATURDAY, the Final Battle will put our two champs in the MASSIVE WAGON RING! The 1957 BUICK CABALLERO VS. 1965 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE! (Can you smell the Wagon’s we’re Cookin??) VOTE NOW!!!

DON’T FORGET SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Send in your Wagons for the next FIREBALL WAGON WARS – YOUR WAGON BATTLES!!! Winner gets a SIGN/SKETCHED Station Wagons Coloring Book (Sponsored by The Official Murphy Auto Museum), Chocolate, Hot Wheels Wagon (Of some sort) and their Wagon will be featured in our NEXT STATION WAGON BOOK for 2021!!!!! Watch Daily to see your Wagons Compete starting NEXT WEEK!!!

Oh, and check out this super-duper Caddy Sketch I just did for a Client… Wanna sketch of your Wagon? Hit me up. PEACE OUT!

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