Gigantic Facebook WAGON WARS BATTLE 2 launches Tomorrow!! Are you ready??

If you haven’t joined in to FIREBALL WAGON WARS on Fireball’s Facebook Page, tomorrow is your chance… Huge success on our last battle pitted 55 Station Wagons against each other with the winner being the 1957 BUICK CENTURY CABALLERO. His FB Page is full, but you can LIKE his Fan Page HERE and here the same thing!

FB Votes are tallied and YOU PICK THE WINNER! But tomorrow’s NEW BATTLE is all about YOUR WAGONS. Today is the last day to submit, so send your photo/make/model/your name to to ENTER.

WINNER gets a SIGNED/SKETCHED copy of our Station Wagons Coloring Book, Chocolate, Diecast and their Wagon featured as a sketch in our 2021 Station Wagons Coloring Book! So ENTER NOW!!

Look at those faces of anticipation!!!

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