2020 CADILLAC CT5 VS CT4… What the heck’s the difference?

So I got sent the new 2020 CADILLAC CT5 followed by the CT4 over a couple weeks. Both in black (not shown here), which made it even weirder, but my conclusion ripped me to my core. (Not really, but that sounds good…)

Since this is a DESIGN Blog, I’m not gonna get into the mechanicals of the cars as you can go to Cadillac and compare. If it’s horsepower that interests you, ignore these cars and get the “V” Versions. Onward!

From a design stand-point, the CT5 and CT4 are two brothers from the same mother. Back to back, I felt like I just entered a Cadillac Alternate Universe. I mean, look at the fronts of these cars? Both awesome, but nothing to suggest that one is “less than” the other. Not sure what Cadillac was thinking in putting out two almost identical models out, although the CT5 is about $4K more than the CT4.

Seems like you could just get an upgraded CT4 and turn it into a CT5, but whatever… funny-logic aside, both these cars kick ass in the design world. The interiors are also virtually the same and if you didn’t tell anyone what you had, both would be equal as opposed to… “this is the super-duper luxo-version, my friend.”

Ergonomics are simple sans a lot of the haptid tech in previous models. I do like the fact that my butt vibrates on a certain side of the seat when someone gets to close. **Wish I could make that happen On Command.

From the side… it’s just about color as the proportions are rock solid. This results in you going to the dealership and picking the color that you like regardless of it being a 4 or 5 model. Wheels might be a factor too as that’s a car’s attitude and personality.

As I see it, there are two kinds of buyers for these models. The buyer who ISN’T a car person and just wants a beautiful Cadillac. Maybe a Realtor. The second buyer is a guy like me. Car guy… to which I would pick neither but get the CT5-V. What I would call a “Hyper-Scooter.” Suave and Debonaire by day, Badass Crime Fighter by night. Just something to ponder…

All in all, both the CT5 and CT4 are fantastic cars. Pick your poison and know that Cadillac’s future is solid… even if they are making Twin Sons.

Here’s a Vlog I did on the 2019 CT6… Check it.

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