WAGON WARS! 1959 PLYMOUTH Suburban VS. 1959 FORD Country Squire!! VOTE NOW!

FIREBALL WAGON WARS NOTICE!!! Due to Nasty Facebook Algorithms, I have to NIX posting in most Facebook Groups now as there are too many of you and I’m getting WARNINGS!

So starting tomorrow… WAGON WARS will only be posted on this Blog and from my 2 pages. This one and Fireball Publishing or I’ll get thrown in the Facebook BRIG and the WAR will be TERMINATED!! Join below… NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!! (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

Yesterday’s BATTLE was oh sooo CLOSE! But the WINNER EMERGED and it’s Dave Long’s 1958 Mercury Voyager!!! Sorry, Tramayne as the Edsel was SICK, but Dave MOVES ON! WINNA!

TODAY’S BATTLE of the Longroofs pits New Zealander Graham Baird’s green 1959 PLYMOUTH SUBURBAN VS. Todd Allen’s 1959 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE!! Both HOT! Graham is a Roasted Coconut Chef catering to the World Famous New Zealand Looney Bin and Todd builds edible Hot Rods out of Liquid Hot Magma!! Exciting!! VOTE! VOTEY MC-VOTESTER NOW AND LET’S DO THIS!!!!!

Again, JOIN my Pages so you don’t miss the WAR! Facebook ain’t nice when it comes to posting too much! https://www.facebook.com/FireballColoringBooks

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