Awesome week in the 2021 JEEP GLADIATOR SPORT TURBODIESEL… and I’m STILL smiling.

Ok, so there’s a lot of cars out there. I mean… a lot. And most are really good cars. They last, they drive well, they look good. But honestly, when was the last time you got in a NEW car and it put a smile on your face? And you didn’t even start it yet?

Good day, and welcome to the front seat of the 2021 JEEP GLADIATOR SPORT TURBODIESEL. It’s a Jeep for sure, but one that can carry a lotta crap in it.

Kathie and I had a ’98 Wrangler and it was awesome until someone launched into it on PCH. But up until then, it was a blast to drive and take pretty much ANYWHERE.

But, it was limited in the back for carrying anything over groceries. Thus, Jeep understood this and got to work in bringing the classic Gladiator back to market. The Jeep… that carries STUFF.

What’s it carry? Well, I’m so glad you asked because in order to answer that question you’ll need to lift your garage door and tell me what’s inside. Got a Kayak? Check. Bicycle? Check. Hauling furniture for your buddy… for the 12th time? Check. Gotta clean out the garage ’cause you’re wife has had enough of your Boxed-up Classic Rock T-Shirt Collection? Yup, it’ll bust that move for sure.

Point is, the Gladiator is a step up from the Wrangler if you have to haul ass and haul crap. It gets it done in a way that the Wrangler can’t. Sure, the bed may not be as big as some trucks, but… this is a Jeep and Jeeps do it like only Jeeps can. (Did I say Jeep enough times?)

The PLUSES? Great looks, super tech and fast as this one went with a 3.0L V6 TurboDiesel. The interior is comfortable and slick and feels like you would want to come up with reasons to drive. But the main thing is the feeling that you could go ANYWHERE. You don’t feel that in other cars.

Easter Eggs. Tons of hidden things in the Jeep makes me wish they did a deal with Marvel and hid characters everywhere. But alas, there are hidden Jeeps throughout the car and it’s a fun thing to do with kids.

The Minuses? 24mpg and $50K. Not great mileage in today’s world and as they are coming out with the Wrangler Hybrid, it’s a tough choice. And $50K is a lot to plunk down for ANYTHING. But many people don’t really care about either of these two and JUST WANT A JEEP. I get it, and that’s why this Gladiator exists.

That the Ford Bronco is taking over is like Cadillac Sedans are going to suffer because BMW has a Sedan. Jeep will prosper because of diehard Jeep Fans who would NEVER consider a Bronco. And vice versa. But Jeep is here to stay… and the GLADIATOR is here to carry your crap. So get busy before your friend calls back with another move.

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