Fireball drives the $220K G65 Mercedes – FMV249

After getting stuck between a Camaro and a hard place, Fireball heads to Silverstar Mercedes Benz to drive the 600hp $220K G65 Mercedes Benz. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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Today’s CONCEPT VEHICLES pose a bright and beautiful Future…

ROTW: Frank Milleren shares the story of ‘Big Blue’… a 1955 DODGE POWERWAGON

Since PCH is basically one street, there’s always a high probability that when I head up into town, I’ll discover cool rides. And if I missed one going up, I’ll always see one coming back. And for today’s Ride of the Week, it was no different.

Welcome Frank Milleren, proud owner of a very unusual, rare and blue 1955 Dodge Powerwagon — or, in his own words, “my baby.” It is originally a ’55 Dodge M43 Military Ambulance, virtually identical to the ones used in the TV show “M*A*S*H.” Just take the 5-mile hike out to where they filmed in Malibu Creek and you’ll see what I mean. There’s still one there!

“My ambulance, aka ‘Big Blue,’ is one of 400 produced with a flat head six 251 or T249 of the hundreds of thousands of M37 series equipped with 230 flathead six engines,” Milleren explains. “I can cruise at an earthshaking 50-55 mph vs. 45 mph. Big Blue weighs in at 7,500 pounds. 3/4 ton. All military parts to date.”

So basically, the car can fit just about anything Milleren wants, including his super friendly pooch. I mean, this dog will head slam and body check his love all over you. So be careful of the thunderous kisses.

“I found my M43 Dodge ambulance in a 2009 online auction,” Milleren continues. “I won … then set out to drive it from Old Town [in] Northern Florida to NYC. Made it to South Carolina. Spent every vacation visiting Big Blue and working on it. Rode a bicycle 2,400 miles to work on it in 2016.”

Wow, that’s commitment.

“I knew the first time I saw it, it was made for me,” he said. “It is the amalgamation of every recreational and extreme vehicle I had fantasized about as a man in New York planning an escape. A little Land Rover, frequently mistook as a Willys across the south, Jeep appeal, Citroen HY imposing scale. International toughness. All rolled into one.”

And it’s blue. Did I mention it is BLUE? I mean you can’t miss this truck when it rolls down PCH, and there’s a good chance you saw it at my Wheels and Waves show last week at the Country Mart. Beastly.

But there are so many great things about this truck that you can literally just sit on the curb and dream about the possibilities. According to Milleren, it’s setting his sights on the hood and headlights while driving, which is the best feeling he’s ever had behind the wheel.

“‘Big Blue’ is my cross country hero and now my daily, very local driver,” he said.

But Milleren’s best story begins like this: “During my trip from Manning, South Carolina, to Malibu, I was constantly adding new parts. Soldering wires and anything to keep it running. During the first half of the journey, I was often in need of a pull start. One of my final pull starts was done by the coolest couple and they would not give up until it was finally running.

“As they were leaving, he handed me his awesome tow-chain. I tried to give him [money], but he was not having it. I was almost in tears. The chain is now wrapped around my bumper as a reminder of pure kindness.”

And that, my friends, is a story was can all relate to. Car people know no boundaries.

Now, for Milleren’s final words about out our lil’ town.

“Malibu has the prime roadways for ‘Big Blue,’” he said. “Ocean on one side or twisting up a canyon with speed limits below its max!”

“Big Blue” rolling alongside the big, blue ocean. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Do What You Love, Love What You Do… From The Daily Driver Project

If you consume Fireball’s content, you know Do What You Love, Love What You Do is a big part of who he is and what he regularly shares with you.

Now, this is not just something he says, this is something he lives. I know, I’m around him all the time when he’s not killing me off on the Vlog.

This doesn’t pertain to just your job… this is a life philosophy.

This also doesn’t mean you have to totally love your job. The job may make it where you can do things with your family or by yourself, but as an example, you want to travel but the job you have will never have this perk.

But you enjoy your job. And it can be your means to travel and you save your pay for fantastic annual trips.

For me, doing what you love is much like Fireball. I love the automotive industry and have spent most of my career working in that industry. When I got out of that industry for a while, I started The Daily Driver Project to keep myself in it. Currently, I’m working back in the automotive industry, so I get a whole lot automotive fun every day.

One of the hardest things in your adult life is finding that passion.

You may not be able to work that passion, but finding that it should be a goal. Trying to find things that make you want to wake up in the morning and go do that thing is what it’s all about.

But don’t settle for just one. Try many things and find the ones the put a fire in your heart.

Wes is the Owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG PODCAST – EP6 – Buttercup Yellow Corvamper?

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Catching up with what Fireball is doing in the blog, PLUS ALL THE COOL CARS HE WILL BE DRIVING SOON! Follow that with some really cool movie news, including an update about the upcoming Six Billion Dollar Man.

Follow THAT… with what we are watching on Netflix and a couple of movies that we think you really should not miss! Toss in a super cool Antique Vintage Trailer Show and you have another episode of the Fireball Malibu Vlog Podcast!

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe in Apple Podcasts or anywhere finer podcasts can be found. Just search for FMVP and we’ll be there!


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The Love of Design… from The Daily Driver Project

I have had a love of design for most of my life. When I was a kid, and much of my adulthood, I have loved to draw (not that I could make a career of it) but I do love to doodle. As my love for cars has grown a large part of that is the design of the car.

I’m lucky in my life to have 3 people that are close to me that are true artists and feed that love of design. 2 of them you already know.

They are Fireball & Kathie and I get to see their talents all the time up close and personal and so do you guys thru this website and the vlog.

Another is in my family, my nephew Izack

Now I’m a big fan of Science Fiction & Fantasy and regularly will watch that type of movie on cable or Netflix over something else.

Fantasy is right where Izack’s sculptures dwell. So last Saturday, after hitting 2 car shows in the morning, I headed to Otis College of Art & Design to check out his final art show.  

Izack got to show off his sculptures & a board game he made for his senior project. He’s getting a degree in toy design. I also got to see the rest of the student’s works and just made me excited about the future. I had a blast hanging with him and my family and getting to see his passion come to life.

I’m lucky in my life to have creative people in it to feed my love of design, but I also try to surround myself with things to feed my creative juices as well.

Whether it’s a photograph, print, video or even a piece of furniture.

You can do the same. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you to strive to better yourself in either a creative way or just general happiness.

*Wes is the Owner of The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to his Vlog on Youtube.

LB K9 Officers Car Show

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG PODCAST Episode 4 – Tony Dow, Vanderhall, Dick Van Dyke & Fireball Gets a Dingle

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Fireball and db make another show!

Talking about movies like we do (Fireball is seeing Solo soon!), cars, like we do, some Netflix picks and Fireball shares how hard it is to get fired from a TV show.

You don’t want to miss this one!

If you have an idea for Fireball’s next coloring book, comments are open! Let him know what you want to see because db’s idea of old AMC cars isn’t that great! (Actually, it is…)

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Things I said I would link up in the show notes!


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LISTEN! Fireball Malibu Vlog Podcast Episode 3… RAMBO 5, ANT MAN, SOLO, SCATPACK & MORE!

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We start with an update on what Fireball has been driving and what’s going on with upcoming Car Shows.

Moving on to the latest Action Movie News that we are excited about… and db probably nerded out a little too much on MCU movies, again! Plus our Netflix Pick of the Week and what to expect at the next Wheels and Waves! It’s going to be amazing!

Don’t forget, the best way to get this particular show is to subscribe in Apple Podcasts or your podcast client of choice! That way, when a new show comes out, you’ll get it, no muss, no fuss.


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FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG PODCAST – Episode 2 – Huge in South Dakota

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Shout out to our listener in South Dakota. If that is you, leave us a note because you won a prize! Plus, listen to db nerd out about Avengers: Infinity War (it was awesome!!!), Fireball updates us on all the things and reads to us from the Book of Chuck yet again!

Besides our lone listener from South Dakota, we are asking you guys for some feedback for Marvel; “What Marvel film should they make but haven’t yet?” Best answer wins a Fireball Tim Coloring Book! HOLY CATS! Get to commentin’!

Don’t forget that you can now find FMVP in Apple Podcasts and any other of your favorite podcast apps. Coming soon to Spotify, Google Play Store and any place else you can think of!


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This is the KIA PROCEED Concept Shooting Brake…