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Boy, have Vans come a long way. But that doesn’t necessarily mean better. Although, in the case of the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, better is certainly a word I’d choose.

Here on the VlogBlog, it’s not about the tech so much as it is about DESIGN and FUNCTION. Does the Pacifica look cool? Does it fit the lifestyle?

Well, years ago I had a Toyota Previa. I loved that car. Only, it had one sliding door that never worked right, average handling, not a lot of power and a silly purple color.

The improvements for the Pacifica far exceed that, but so does every other Van. So what’s special about this one? Girth.

The Chrysler Pacifica shares the language of Dodge Muscle. The seats, steering wheel and controls are all bulky and thick. I like that. When I turn a knob, it’s a KNOB. When I grab the wheel, I grab the WHEEL. There’s no mistake that you’re holding onto something strong and powerful.

At just over $48K, the Pacifica can hold its own in the Van Market. The Jazz Blue Pearl reflects a cool hue from the sky, although not really sure what Jazz has to to with that exactly. But it rocks, so I’d call it Rock Blue Pearl.

It’s got a 16gl tank to help with the 84mpg Hybrid support. No, that wasn’t a typo. It gets 84 frikkin’ MPGs. It also has so many options including 2 sliding doors that you could write a book. Pretty sure they did that. But… the best part is the POTENTIAL.

The wheels on the car are docile. But you black out the windows and bump those 17inch polished Aluminums to 19… and you’ve got an Academy Awards Killer. It’s at home shindigging around celebs as much as hitting Home Depot for a Table Saw.

It’s ECO meets EGO. Friendly, snappy looking and a quantum level interior that in white… would make your local Guru proud.

You need a Van? It’s simple. The 2018 Chrysler Pacifica is everything a van should be. Although, a big phat wing on the back would be cool too.

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