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Vlogged Malibu Beaches of 2017…

Malibu is full of so many incredible beaches, theses are just a few from 2017. Plus, a couple from Kathie in Hawaii. MORE for 2018!

Vlogging Hikes of 2017…

Tons of California HIKES this year on the Vlog. Just hit “HIKE” in the search or watch our HIKING PLAYLIST on Youtube. Many more coming this year!

Fireball Design WEDNESDAY… 1971 PLYMOUTH GTX

Johnny Lightning’s BAD MOOD 2 featured a 1971 Plymouth GTX. Badass…

Though completely redesigned for 1971, this was the final year for the GTX as a stand-alone model.

Engine choices were 440 four-barrel, 440 with three two-barrels (Six Barrel), and 426 Hemi.

Emission restrictions such as lower compression ratios and faster-acting choke operation lowered the base 440 output by 5 hp (3.7 kW), to 370 hp (280 kW).

The 440 Six Barrel was down to 385 hp (287 kW), but the Hemi was still rated at 425 hp (317 kW).

Due partly to rising insurance rates on muscle cars, sales were low.

There were less than 3000 units produced in ’71. For 1972 through 1974, any Road Runner ordered with the optional 440 was renamed Road Runner GTX and included the badging of both previous models.


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What’s it like to drive a ’67 LINCOLN? Ask Bruce Willis’ stuntman STUART WILSON!

Being a stunt man is a rough job. If you aren’t getting set on fire, falling out of a building or crashing a car over a cliff, then you’re slacking. So, when stunt man Stuart Wilson was looking for the right classic car to get into, the result was a relaxed, chill open top 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible.

Stuart is currently a stunt man and stunt coordinator, and for the past nine years and 16 films, he has being Bruce Willis’s stunt double. Can you tell? Other than the real bruises, of course. But when he’s not working and risking his life to make Mr. Willis look good, he’s cruising Malibu in this gorgeous behemoth.

“It has the original 462 motor with 27,000 original miles and is a home office reserve car (one of 475),” Stuart said. “The paint is a custom mix based on a Lexus Graphite Grey, but darker with more metallic added. The interior is custom two-tone leather and we changed the 15-inch rims to 20s for a better, more modern look.” And let me tell you, this car screams cool.

It was purchased in a junkyard in Glendora nine years ago and took eight years to complete. Woah. Stuart chose this car because it was his daughter’s favorite and was built specifically for her. It’s super rare and there aren’t many out there. It was built as a driver and can be seen pretty much every weekend going up and down Pacific Coast Highway and recently at my Wheels and Waves.

“I would say that my favorite story in regards to my car would be one weekend while getting coffee,” Stuart said. “A guy was checking it out and found what he believed to be a flaw. He felt the need to point it out then jumped in his beater Toyota Corolla and left.”

Yeah, like I’ve said before, criticism and jealously go hand in hand, but being cool is always being cool. I hate always being the bearer of good news. For Stuart, driving in Malibu is a great way to relax.

“My job, to say the least, is stressful. So grabbing a coffee and cruising in Malibu and appreciating the ocean is the best way to relax.” Ah, and here we come to the whole point. Drive + Relax = Peace of mind. Actually, that’s pretty much the secret “Malibu Way of Life.”

And Stu’s favorite movie car? “There are a lot of great movie cars, but I would have to say the Mustang from the movie ‘Bullitt.’ One of the best car chases ever with a classic car performing at its best.”

I was going to say “Die Hard 3,” but he probably felt some serious pain after that one. You will however, see Stuart in the upcoming “Die Hard 6” — probably on the moon. “Die Hard 6: Die Moon Pie.” OK, my wife actually just came up with that one.

A true champ for doing what you love and appreciating the beauty of Malibu, Stuart Wilson will jump, leap and thump at the chance to relax. I think I’ll join the club. Congratulations, Stu. You’re this week’s Ride of the Week! Now, head to the hospital and get those cuts looked at.


Here AT THE VLOG, we strive to keep things simple and in 21st century speak. So, words like “dude” may come up from time to time. Like… “dude, this is one of the best techniques for getting what you want ever created.” And although we concentrate on CARS & BEACHLIFE and how to achieve that, some of the Vlog inspiration comes from knowing what you want and focusing on it. This success requires you to concentrate.

So, we want you to know how to do this, so YOU can make your life a weekend too.

When you think of things in the past, images come to mind. Thoughts of what happened. For some, they come in colors or black and white, or just a feeling. Some people say that they don’t visualize at all. But this is only because they have not practiced. Yes, practice is involved just like anything else you want to cultivate. And in order to get what you want, you have to SEE it in your mind first. That’s VISUALIZATION.

But looking into the past is exactly the same as looking forward. YOUR mind can’t tell the difference. If you can see it, then it can be REAL. You’ve tried this before, haven’t you? You call it a coincidence. But, it’s not. Things in your life manifest because you are “thinking of them” consistently over time. If you want to get control of this, then “visualize what you want” instead of focusing on what you don’t.

THE CAUSE. Get quiet. Close your eyes. Concentrate on what you want. See it. Then… the most important part of all? FEEL IT. See the image of what you want until you emotionalize it. That’s the octane booster to make it happen. Do this twice a day for 5 minutes.

THE EFFECT. The Universe will find a way, shifting, molding, putting people together to make what you want happen. This is how I do every project. And then… it manifests.

Don’t waste time visualizing on the negative and thoughts of fear… unless you want MORE OF THAT? Is that what you want? You can only erase negative thoughts by REPLACING them with their opposites.

MORE ON VISUALIZATION? Genevieve Behrend’s YOUR INVISIBLE POWER. A great resource.