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MASSIVE 600HP CHEVY IMPALA! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 629 – Fireball’s June #WheelsandWaves #CarShow goes off in Malibu attracting tons of cool cars including a massive 600hp #ChevyImpala. Plus, Kathie finishes her Mermaid!

What’s it like to drive the 1997 CHEVY KING TAHOE?

OK, I have a slight bias on this one as Kathie is my best friend and significant other. Being that, she has a lot to live up to in having a car guy next to her all the time, but her track record with cars has been pretty astounding.

Back in the day, Chevys seemed to gravitate towards this cute Malibooty, starting with a ‘58 Vette named “Leroy,” to a ‘63 in black with flames, to a red hot cross-fire injected ‘84. Some of you may remember her pulling up to Surfrider with her leopard print 9’ Becker surfboard poking out of the t-top. And Kathie’s love for Chevys hasn’t stopped there — she now drives, along with me, this 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe dubbed “King Tahoe” because of its 500-horsepower 5.7 liter Vortec that’s been tweaked, tworted and kablameed, thanks to yours truly (couldn’t help myself).

The Tahoe has a number of bolt-on items including a K&N intake, Magnaflow exhaust and ECU upgrade, but also a hi-performance cam and re-ported heads. All that in a 3M carbon fiber body, as it was a show truck for SEMA several years ago. It’s the perfect Malibu ride and about to get redone again.

Kathie’s history here in the Bu is far greater than any car, having surfed Malibu since 1965 and officially moving to the Bu in 1980. And although some will say that she’s just like Gidget because of her love for surf culture, Kathie’s surf heritage has taken her to incredible surf spots like Costa Rica and many other places.

“Malibu is more than a place of beauty for me,” said the Bride of Fireball. “It transcends beauty and becomes a haven for all things good and I love every part of it, including the traffic. It only means that others want to experience the joy that we as Malibuites get to have every single day. For that, I’m grateful.”

As a costume designer and sculptor, Kathie’s career started at Sid and Marty Kroffts’s in 1970, sanding puppets and working on H.R. Puff N’ Stuff. Yes, that H.R. 

But back then, she’d do anything having to do with costumes and loved it. Her mascot company now (KCL Productions @ www.kclproductions.com), handles small clients like The White House, Ellen DeGeneres, the Nintendo characters, Harlem Globetrotters and the Super Bowl. She’s currently starting a project for Honda.

But her resume reads like a list of chocolate items being gathered by Santa for next year. Seriously. But wait, let’s get back to cars.

“Although I know the world is changing rapidly with electric vehicles and how important that is, the feeling I get in an SUV keeps me safe and secure. The power that this Tahoe has allows me to get to the gym but can deliver my costumes to the studios also. They’re really big sometimes. I look forward to Chevy creating an electric Tahoe soon!”

You heard it here first, Chevy guys. If you make it, then Kathie wants one. 

Chevy only made these two-door LT Tahoes for a few years and they are now starting to get popular like the Broncos. If you can find one, better do it soon. And if you happen to see Kathie or myself driving through town in King Tahoe, wave or smile. We may just have one of those chocolate items from Santa. 

Wait a tick… King Tahoe handing out Chocolate? Does the Malibu Life get any better than that?

What’s it like to drive a 1954 JAGUAR XK120 M ROADSTER?

Every now and then, I get a ride in something truly spectacular. So when Jerry Berger’s son Jeff reached out to me about his dad and his car, I knew that this was going to be a fun jaunt. Enter an amazing 1954 Jag with only 39,000 original miles.

Retired, Jerry Berger has been successful enough to now do what he loves. And part of that is driving this amazing classic Jag around our little town. With no seat belts, I have to admit that it was a little hairy when we first took off from his on-the-beach pad, but after a minute or so, my smile kicked in and bugs started to set up shop in my teeth. I didn’t care because I was suddenly transported back in time to the day when motoring was an actual experience.

Back then, cars were meant to motor and the sheer love of driving without having any particular destination. Just fun to be out in the sun with your friends. And as we headed north through Malibu, Jerry began telling me some specs.

It started with a 3,442 CC DOHC Inline 6-Cylinder Engine with Twin 2” SU Sand-Cast Carburetors. Estimated 220HP at 5,500 RPM with a 4-Speed Manual Gearbox and 4-Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes. Lots of other things, but I have to admit that I found it hard to listen to all of it while we passed the beauty that is Malibu. By Jerry didn’t mind and continued on.

“I bought the car in 1976,” he remembered.  “I was driving to Malibu through Pacific Palisades and I saw it in a driveway. I immediately pulled over and knocked on the door and made a deal to buy it. Then sold my 1958 Porsche Speedster to pay for it.

“I have loved this car since I purchased my first one in college.  Then, when I got married in 1966, I bought my second one and have always had a love for the design and just had to have one more. When I saw it, I pulled out all the stops to purchase it.” An amazing story about a lost love found, I’d say. Something we can all relate to for sure.

To Jerry, the best part of the car is the design. “To me, the car screams ‘rolling art.’ They predate the XKE… and the design is simply amazing.”

Primarily, Jerry uses the car for Sunday drives, but also takes it to various Coffee & Car events in Malibu and the Valley. “To me, cars are like art that people hang on the walls, except I keep mine in the garage and covered. But obviously the ocean view up PCH is my favorite part about Malibu. But the Mulholland portion between Kanan and Las Virgines reminds me how much braking, handling and steering technology has changed in 60 years. The car is like driving a Mack truck, but well worth it.”

And his best short story, as if all that weren’t enough? “I’d have to say that it was the time you and I took it out. It was a perfect day despite the drizzle and I really enjoyed the company and the impromptu photo shoot in front of Pepperdine with all the flags commemorating 9/11.”

To have someone say that a drive with me is their best short story humbles me in a way I can barely mention. Thank you Jerry… for the gift of the ride.

And for a little icing? Jerry’s favorite car in film is the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  “One of a few cars I regret not keeping/having in my collection.” Something tells me that that will change.

If you want to see Jerry and I drive up the coast, just head to my website and type in Jerry’s name in the search. We had a blast and I swear that we went back in time… just a bit.

Ride of the Week is Malibu’s John Sibert and his 1988 ALFA SPIDER

Meet John Sibert and his Alfa Spyder. Chances are you’ve seen him before – many times before. That’s because John sits on our City Council, and has been mayor of our cool town twice. 

But, did you know that this distinguishing looking car dude is just that? A major car dude? Well, I’m Fireball and since cars are my thing, let’s get into Mr. Sibert’s world.

Full Name? “John Sibert will do,” he wrote me. “You don’t need the middle name and ‘III.’” That just made me laugh, because when I drove up to meet Sibert and see his cool ride, I asked for his full name and he laid it out. 

Meeting up with John was a hoot because he really loves his car, a 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. Now, you’d expect former mayors like John to be tooling around in executive-type vehicles, but not this guy. You’d expect him to be humorless and serious all the way, right? Oh no, not professor John Sibert. We spoke for half an hour, and talked about amazing cars and his equally amazing background.

A retired university chemistry professor and administrator at Yale, Caltech and the CSU system, John also started and ran the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation and was manager of the Arco Corporate Research Laboratory. 

He also works on stealthy stuff with JPL but if I told you what it was, I’d have to send flogging agents to your house. 

“My daughter once asked if I had decided what I wanted to be when I grew up,” John said.  

The answer was “not yet,” but he still serves on a couple of boards of directors and consults for NASA. Yeah, he’s one of those smart dudes who everyone wants a piece of. Including me – only regarding cool cars, though.

 So, his Alfa is a Bosh Fuel-Injected 2.0 L DOC 4 cylinder. All original and no mods. Bummer, ‘cause I could see droppin’ a Hellcat in that lil’ puppy and heading to the track. Maybe not, but John bought this car in 1998 from the first owner. 

“It’s red,” he said. “A two-seater, a convertible and it’s a Pininfarina design.” 

I’d say that’s a triple threat, but he mentioned four things. Only a chemistry professor could do that.

 But the best part of the car for Mr. Sibert?  

“The sheer joy of driving it along the coast and on winding roads with the top down.” 

Yeah, that’s the life here in the Bu. We’d do that even if it was raining.

John uses it for regular transportation when the weather is amenable to driving with the top down. 

“My best story was taking my niece – who writes a Car Column for Rolling Stone Mexico – for a spin along Mulholland with the Beach Boys loud on the stereo,” he said.

From our short time talking about cars, one thing was clear: John loves Malibu in a way that only a longtime local could. Thoughts of beauty, sound, wind, sun, friends and family were clear cues to living the dream. I, for one, am on the Sibert Train. 

Not much beats cruising the canyons of Malibu in a classic red Italian convertible sports car. Nothing, except taking me with you next time, JS. 

Watch me visit John on my show on Youtube. See the car up close and hear some extra cool stories.

If you want to be featured as my next Ride of the Week, shoot me an email at askfireball@fireballtim.com

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