Is THIS the 2020 CORVETTE C8? Closest one yet…

Pretty amazing render, this one is the closest to the C8 yet with tons of detail. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT!

My wife’s CORVETTE… Heavily Modified

Normally, you’d never get a chance to modify your wife’s car. But such is not the case… when you do a Coloring Book.

Kathie had a 1984 Vette and I always wanted to GO BIG on it. But, she was happy just “Cruising the Crossfire” as they say. Until the day is died.

Alas, we sold it. But if I DID get my hands on it… it would have been an epic sight as you see here. And it would have crushed anything in 2060. 😉

This one… from our VETTE Coloring Book available on Amazon.

Was a CORVETTE just discovered on the MOON?

Sure looks that way. According to reports from the glistening silver orb, an 800hp Vette was just uncovered in the Crater LV427. And the question on everyone’s mind is… who’s storing cars on the MOON, dangit?

Could it be Elon Musk? Jeff Bezos? Apple? Well, we’ll stay on top of this until the mystery is solved, but if you have an idea, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

This one… from our VETTE Coloring Book available on Amazon!

Did Aliens design this CLASSIC CORVETTE? Sho nuff…

In fact, we spoke with them in clicking Alien-ese and they told us that they were inspired by the movie “Close Encounters.” And Mel Gibson’s beard. (?) Of course, that movie came out in the 80’s and this car was designed in the early 50’s. And Mel’s beard… well,…

We didn’t mention that to them…

Pretty sure that these Aliens can time-travel and all that stuff too ’cause one of them was wearing a shirt that said “Al Capone for President.”

So with that in mind… we did this sketch of a Classic Corvette and plopped it in our VETTE COLORING BOOK. So, now you know.

Yes, the future will include BADASS CORVETTES like this…

Will cops use Corvettes to catch bad guys in the future of 2070? According to our predictions here at Fireball Publishing, they will. In fact, we’re designing their COOL CARS right now in our Coloring Books!

Will our predictions come true? Who cares… just Color this one and have an awesome day, ppl.

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Was 1964 as cool as this CORVETTE SKETCH? Yes…

1964 was the year that I… well, I didn’t really do all that much as I was a little embryo about to be born in ’65. So there’s that.

But, I had to do this 1964 CORVETTE for our VETTE Coloring Book because it was just frikkin’ cool. And that’s all I have to say about THAT.

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This original SKETCH was the one chosen for the cover. It was inspired by Kathie’s original ’58 named “Leroy.” He was painted beige tan. Yes… I said beige. Here’s her story…

One day, after the car was painted, Kathie drove to the mall and parked it in the back. The paint wasn’t even cured, but that didn’t stop someone from keying the entire car. She was in tears.

But like most champions… she got it repainted and enjoyed it for many years. Sold it for a ’68… then an ’84 Crossfire.

SKETCH of the Day… Corvette TIME MACHINE!

Sometimes you just gotta think outta the box… outta the norm. It’s 2019… and although the DeLorean was cool in BTTF, if they made another sequel, it would be time to get serious.

So… let the “I”s have it.

Fireball SKETCH of the Day… 1964 Corvette Convertible

The all-new VETTE Coloring Book is out just in time for Christmas! Get a copy for the Corvette Lover in your life!!


Fireball Publishing launches CORVETTE Coloring Book – PRESS RELEASE


Contact: Fireball Publishing

December 2, 2018

Fireball Publishing launches Hollywood-Inspired CORVETTE COLORING BOOK, “VETTE”

MALIBU, CA. – Fireball Publishing has virtually exploded out of the COLORVERSE from Hollywood Car Designer Fireball Tim and wife Kathie Lawrence, making a massive dent in the Coloring Book Market. Although 2018 only brought 7 only books to market and culminated in this month’s launch of the gorgeous Fireball Tim VETTE Coloring Book, 2019 promises to hit even harder.

Hollywood-Inspired, the VETTE Coloring Book depicts 19 stunning and wild Corvette Concept illustrations for kids of all ages and 1 Corvette Maze. Available on Amazon and Car Museums across the planet (the Petersen, Galpin and many others), it seems that car enthusiasts who enjoy the muscle of the Vette will be able to share that love with their kids through this book for Christmas. VETTE is also available wholesale to all Custom shops, Dealerships and Museums.

“Nothing exists in the market today, allowing clients to have their own personal Promotional Coloring Book,” says Fireball. “It simply didn’t exist until now.”

The VETTE COLORING BOOK joins a line of incredible automotive coloring books which include MUSTANGS, CUSTOM CARS, VINTAGE TRAILERS, THE BIG BOOK OF WACKY STATES and 12 more books coming in 2019. Fireball’s highly creative design style and Fireball Publishing’s unique program of Fully-Custom Branded books for Museums and Stores includes clients like the VOLO Museum in Chicago and many other Car Museums nationwide. 2019 will bring WOODIES, CAMAROS, VDUBS, RAT RODS, CHALLENGERS and 7 other unmatched Car Coloring Books. They are simply the most imaginative car books every created in the Coloring Book Market. All books are available on Amazon here.

“These are some of the most create Coloring Books I’ve ever seen,” says Actor/Sculptor Tony Dow. “Worthy of any big-budget Hollywood Film.”


FPG was spearheaded by Fireball Tim in January of 2018, off the heels of over 35 years in the film industry as a car designer on 400+ Hollywood Movies. From Batman to Gone in 60 Seconds to Jurassic Park. Now this Hollywood Design Couple has blasted into the Coloring Book market along with Fireball’s Vlog Show (Fireball Malibu Vlog), hitting 30M homes and over 870 episodes.