James Bond has a secret in the new Teaser Trailer for SPECTRE…



WATCH! James Bond’s ASTON DB10 gets chased by a JAGUAR C-X75…


What the villains are driving against James Bond in SPECTRE…


The above Jaguar Concept is what the main villain will be driving in the upcoming SPECTRE. And with a car like that being touted by the bad guy, pain is sure to endure… by us. You know he’s gonna crash it if Jimmy Bond has anything to say. What do you think?

Jaguar-x-Land-Rovers-Cars-For-James-Bond-Movie-Spectre-3 Jaguar-x-Land-Rovers-Cars-For-James-Bond-Movie-Spectre-4

MAD MOVIE CARS… James Bond #AstonMartin #Lotus #Moonbuggy


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Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Jungle Book, Brick Mansions (Trailer), James Bond’s COME & DIVE, Poster


• Mo-Cap Man Andy Serkis is to star & direct THE JUNGLE BOOK for WB… Figured they’d get a Monkey to do a Man’s job.

• Trailer for Paul Walker in BRICK MANSIONS directed by Luc Besson here… See it.

• Is COME AND DIVE actually the name of the next James bond movie…? Wups. Someone let THAT slip.





James Bond SPYFOX Animated Short begs for a feature…


Everyone loves James Bond. And when he’s a fox, he’s a real FOX. Check out this great short…

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LISTEN! Adele sings the opener to James Bond’s SKYFALL

One of the best Bond tracks I’ve heard in years, Adele’s voice is truly ethereal. Click the link and watch the vid below for a PREVIEW.

Watch! James Bond CARS have done 50 years of damage…

Great trailer exhibiting the damage that JimmyB has created over the years. We look forward to more…

Watch! James Bond’s SKYFALL Full Trailer!

James Bond is back in November with SKYFALL. And based on this trailer, it’ll be everything a JB Movie is… with the addition of some surprises. Check it out…