Watch FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 59! Father’s Day on Rodeo with Cool Cars & Keanu Reeves

This episode… After Malibu Cars & Coffee, Fireball and crew head to Rodeo Drive for the Concours. Features actor Keanu Reeves.


BIG THANKS to Keanu Reeves and all who attended today’s #MALIBU #CARS & #COFFEE!!

Had a great time today at MALIBU CARS & COFFEE and wanted to thank everyone who came out. I hope you enjoyed yourselves! BIG THANKS to Arch Motorcycles (Keith & Todd) for displaying 4 of their incredible machines… and for Keanu’s amazing patience, passion and and sheer excitement for his bikes. They are truly works of art.

Plus, check out this wild and WIKD Porsche below brought in by good friend Ken Vela. (His eyes are closed because he was up all night getting it done just for the show. ZZzzz… Good on ya… RIDE OF THE WEEK coming soon of this puppy!

What am driving this week? Stay tuned, baby…

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What if I told you that THE MATRIX was coming… again? Well, IT IS… #thematrix #matrix #keanureeves

Shhh… Yes, THE MATRIX is rumored to be coming back as an all new trilogy from the Wachowskis. They’ve turned in outlines for the scripts to WB and it’s set for 2017. Should it be Prequels or Sequels? Leave a comment…


Awesome 47 RONIN Trailer is Keanu kickin’ Dragon Kung Fu Sword Butt… #keanureeves #kungfu #47ronin


Watch here, also…

INCOMING!!!! The 2015 Fiat Abarth arrives @ The Fireball Pad… Plus, Blimps, Keanu & an Enzo…


The week is starting out with a bang as this lil’ speedster (2015 FIAT ABARTH) is arriving at THE FIREBALL PAD today here in Malibu. I’ll be spending a week carving canyons and doing what you do in a pocket rocket like this. Look out for me comin’ thru! But what’s happening the rest of the week??

TOMORROW… An exclusive CHRYSLER EVENT in Culver City will reveal some create things that the brand is doing with future cars. I’ll be meeting and talking with the President Al Gardner to see what’s up. I think a HellCat Fiat should be the topic of discussion, eh?

5MINUTE DRIVE Part 2 of my Goodyear Blimp ride with Actor DENISE CROSBY is coming soon (editing now!), PLUS a trip to Keanu Reeves’ shop to get a closer look at his ARCH MOTORCYCLES. Badass Bikes a cometh!!

And if all goes well, a drive in an ENZO FERRARI over the weekend, courtesy of FastToysClub and then a visit to SUPERCAR SUNDAY. Join me!!

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Ant-Man, EX3, Captain America 2, 47 Ronin #movies #marvel #expendables #keanu


ANT-MAN is coming November 6, 2015. He’s pissed… and reeeeeelly tiny.

• Twilight’s Kellen Lutz in talks for EXPENDABLE 3. Along with Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson and anyone else over 60.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER comes out April 4, 2014. One day after my Birthday. That makes me first in line, yo!

• Posters… ELYSIUM, 47 RONIN


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WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU isn’t just a Cars & Coffee anymore…

We’ve had Keanu Reeves. We’ve had Dick Van Dyke. We’ve had Jonathan Banks. We’ve had Tony Dow. But we’ve NEVER had someone like this…

Next month… Fireball Tim’s WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU will serve up the planet’s NUMBER ONE CELEBRITY.

Want to be our COFFEE SPONSOR? Email Fireball @

Chevy to bring HOT WHEELS CAMARO to Wheels and Waves on Sunday, May 20th…

This month’s Wheels and Waves Car Show here in Malibu is leveling up with the official announcement that Chevrolet will be featuring its all-new 2018 50th anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro front and center.

Since the shutdown of the Trancas Cars and Coffee, car enthusiasts are looking for fun things to do with their rides, and this Sunday May 20… Wheels and Waves is sure to confirm that cool cars are alive and well. But we’re more than just a place to hang out and look at cars like most C&C’s.

I’m been a fan of the Camaro since the ’60s launch and the Hot Wheels brand bringing it to life as a spectra-flame diecast, so it’s a real treat for me to reveal this car in the flesh to you guys on a beautiful Sunday morning. I hope you’ll join us.

But let’s dig into this Camaro for a bit and see why it’s Hot Wheels worthy.

According to Chevrolet, “Since the debut of its custom Camaro in 1968, every generation — and nearly every variation of Camaro has been replicated in 1:64 scale by Hot Wheels. To celebrate 50 years of these die-cast dream cars, we’re returning the favor, taking this iconic toy off the orange track and onto the street with the Camaro Hot Wheels Edition. Ready to get behind the wheel of the real thing?”

The full-size Hot Wheels car comes in a coupe and convertible 2LT and SS. And the options are overwhelming, with everything from an Orange Crush paint scheme and 20-inch Satin Graphite machine-faced wheels to Hot Wheels badges, insane black-and-orange interior details and illuminated door sill plates.

So many options for a little less than $40,000. Nice.

Now, Wheels and Waves is a slightly different cars and coffee experience than most across the country. Along with free coffee, Hot Wheels and trading cards, the vehicles that participate are more “art cars” than anything else.

Where you could normally go to a car event to see Ferraris, Porsches and many other super cars, W&W is more about things that people have built. One-off customs, artistic expressions in custom builds, restorations and personal expressions.

These kinds of vehicles help inspire creativity among us and make for a very unique show. Sure, there might be a Ferrari, but it will be the No. 1 of 500 Italias or a $25 million SWB 250 GT.

And the celebs come out in droves as well to see these amazing rides. We’ve had everyone from Keanu Reeves to Dick Van Dyke, Tony Dow and Jonathan Banks. We even had R2-D2! Such a motley crew.

The point is, the boys and girls of General Motors like to have fun. And no other Camaro would really fit this game better than the 50th anniversary Hot Wheels edition.

Bring your children, bring your dogs and bring your best self with a smile ‘cause the only thing not allowed in my show is a frown. Of course, we’ll fix that right quick with these cars.

WHEELS AND WAVES #18 is this Sunday…!

Don’t miss this Sunday’s WHEELS AND WAVES at The Malibu Country Mart!

Cancel whatever you have… say “no” to whom ever you have to… and bring your car to the “BEST CARS & COFFEE IN LA!”

Why? Well, because we get the likes of Keanu Reeves, Dick Van Dyke, Johnny Banks and tons of other celebs! But…

…if you don’t come, I’ll have to drink all the coffee myself, probably get arrested for running in circles screaming “Life is So Awesome!” and playing with all the free Hot Wheels I’m gonna give you guys. Plus, Stuntman SIMON RHEE will be there and he’ll probably throw me off a building as a demonstration. Seriously.

Oh, oh, and if I DO get arrested, someone call Kathie ’cause I’ll probably leave my phone in the back of the Cop Car… after I throw up all the coffee.

Or… you could just come to the show and help me avoid all that?

Ride of the Week: A Piece on Love, Respect for Cars and each other…

What’s the attraction of Malibu celebrities and their cars? What is it about driving something cool that Hollywood loves?

Well, I guess it’s the same reason we all like driving something fun … or is it? Most would agree that actors and people of fame love attention. And although that may be true, isn’t that what everyone craves? I mean, seriously?

Anyone who tells me they don’t love attention has a screw loose. But what is important is to have the right kind of attention. Being obnoxious and driving like a crazy person on PCH is the wrong kind. Driving something cool, taking the time to answer questions about it and swapping stories is the right kind.

Dick Van Dyke told me he wanted a cool car for the cover of his next album and, if you check out the cover, you’ll see a very happy face.

Tony Dow from “Leave It to Beaver” told me about his high school car being willed back to him after 50 years, which was unexpected and overwhelmingly cool. Now, he takes it to car shows.

Keanu Reeves told me about his motorcycle company, Arch, and that he love Porsches because of the clean design.

Paul Moyer shared his love of his Shelby Mustang and Ferrari 458 Italia, with both bringing him joy in different ways.

Denise Crosby told me about crashing into her husband’s classic Ferrari with her SUV, right over the hood. Her husband rolled his eyes, smiled and said, “That’s my wife!” Then, he kissed her.

Jonathan Banks introduced me to his son and his love of Corvettes — a passion shared by Rodney Allen Rippy and Rick Springfield. Also, Jonathan shared how his first car was a Packard and said it actually helped make him a better actor.

Jay Leno showed me his collection and mentioned that none should be there if they aren’t drivable. That’s a thought shared by Chris Pratt as well.

Caitlyn Jenner shared her Bugeye Sprite with me and told me how it made her feel closer to her father.

Now, you could read this and say “Fireball’s just doing a bunch of name dropping.” But consider this: What’s the commonality between all these stories? The one thing that gives rise to them all?

That would be joy. A product of love — something all car lovers share. And these celebs are no different than any of us. They just love their cars and want to share their stories. So, what’s yours?

Hit me up at if you want to share it. The celebrities read this paper, too, and many of them want to read your story.  Who’s the celebrity now, eh?

Want to be featured in Ride of the Week? Send Fireball an email at