Should they make a new KNIGHT RIDER Movie??

Although fairly Hoff Cheesy, does KNIGHT RIDER deserve a full-blown Fast & Furious level MOVIE? A serious, take-no-prisoners type of dark Christopher Nolan take?

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This one from our MUSTANG Coloring Book on Amazon…


If you weren’t aware, Fireball did design concepts for the TV Show KNIGHT RIDER… so… we stuck one in the MUSTANG Coloring Book!

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Fireball Movie Concept… NEW KNIGHT RIDER

Did a lot of concepts for the NEW KNIGHT RIDER. This one featured a plethora of Rube-Goldberg effects including Airless Tires. Sadly, the final was less intense but still fun.

Today’s Best Car Designs… Lexus, Knight Rider, Ford, Peugeot

Which one would you take the keys to? I’d take K.I.T.T….


These concepts I did were for the last KNIGHT RIDER TV Series. Unfortunately, the series didn’t survive… but it WILL be back.

MAD MOVIE CARS… Click & See how KNIGHT RIDER got built #fordmustang #knightrider #thehoff #moviecar #fireballtim

Knight Rider



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My Daily Sketch… KNIGHT RIDER Seat Concept


Done back in the day, although for the new KNIGHT RIDER. This seat concept would have been cool had they had the budget, but some things made it.

TODAY! Knight Rider Reunion goes off…

Heading out to Universal City today for the KNIGHT RIDER REUNION. Hope to see you guys there. Check out the site for times and such, but I’ll be poking around, taking picts and talking with fans starting at around 10am. Should be a blast.

Knight Rider build photos… REVEALED!!!


Ok, so I’ve been gettin’ pressure from fans to reveal the actual build shots of KITT from CVS, so I’ve finally snapped…

Gaze in utter lunacy at ourMustang beast and start building your own! Don’t ask me a lot of questions about it right now, as the Studio barely let us release these! Listen to The Hollywood Car Show next week for more “Behind the Scenes” tidbits, but you can watch my page on StreetFire or Facebook for more about our MOVIE CARS.

(All photos Rick Carmody and Bob Hartwick of CVS)

Concepts… No, obviously not the final design. Doh. But, I may still have to build this…;-)

Fireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT Concept

Knight Rider PREMIERE…

You know, when there are shows like “24” on the tube, it makes shows like THIS really look lame. But stick with it for about 2.5 minutes and you’ll see KITT in action. Car’s cool, show isn’t. Bummer.