Automotive Inspirations… Cultivate PEACE… and here comes the DOUGH.

Wait, what does THAT mean? Cultivate Peace? Like, sewing seeds?

Exactly. Thinking a thought is identical to planting a seed. You wouldn’t plant roses and expect to get a turnip. You’d get a rose, …and depending on how well you took care of it, it could be stunted or astonishingly beautiful.

So it is with a Thought Seed

You think peaceful thoughts, peace comes to you. Only there’s a catch. You’ll get A TON more than you bargained for! 

Now, if you want peace, then this is a good thing. Because…

Let’s take this idea towards money or Prosperity. The green stuff. If you think, “I can’t afford it,” then… guess what you get? But, if you think…

“Thank God I’m wealthy!” …Guess what comes!!!

But here’s the SECRET to the whole thing… you have to BELIEVE it. Really believe it.

CAUSE: Think ONLY thoughts of what you want. EFFECT: That’s what comes, …only more. Cha Ching!!!

Automotive Inspirations… HEADING INSIDE

Close your eyes. What do you see?

Most people would answer “blackness.” Or “Nothing.” yet, you can visualize a car, right? Is it green? Red? Blue? Can you see with your “Mind’s Eye” a blue Cadillac? Can you see it on the street in front of your house?

We all have the ability to visualize to some degree. But, where is this place? This place… where we can see these things? Is it in our head? If we were to cut open our skull, would we see it? …No.

But this place has many names. Spirit. The Universe. The Infinite. Our Mind.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. All that matters… is that you know it’s there and how to use it.

But there’s something else… We ALL share it. Every one of us.We ALL go there together.

When you think, that’s where you go. When you dream at night about Cadillacs, that’s where you are. An infinite sea of consciousness. This is where your thoughts go and attract like thoughts from others. Then you bring them back into your own world.

The more you practice going there with what you want, the more and more efficient you become at using it. …Using it?

Yes! THAT’S what it’s for…

It’s for all of us to use. A tool for greatness in PEACE, WISDOM to find answers to our problems, PROSPERITY and LOVE. And many other things. It CAN and WILL solve all your problems. So BELIEVE it.

Close your eyes. Know it’s there… and it WILL answer you.

Recommended Read… LIFE POWER AND HOW TO USE IT by Elizabeth Towne

Automotive Inspirations… FIND PEACE RIGHT NOW

“Since the economy stinks, I’m not going to buy that car. I’m keeping all my money safe until it all changes.”

What do you think it means to send a thought or statement like this out into the Universe?

Let’s see. Knowing Cause and Effect are linked…

  1. Thoughts of this kind, supported by what everyone else is thinking, actually keeps the economy stinking as that is what you’re focusing on. And what you focus on… GROWS.

  2. Not spending your money because of FEAR that you won’t make more actually causes that to happen. So… the Universe will find a way to take it from you since that is what you’re putting your attention on. Again, what you focus on GROWS.

3 Hoarding money insures that you WILL lose it. This is a fear based attitude.

So, what do you do?

Spending STRENGTHENS… Thoughts of abundance and prosperity actually BRINGS abundance and prosperity. They are like-minded thoughts, therefore ATTRACT EACH OTHER.

In a word? Don’t be cheap.

Say to the Universe, “I have plenty.” Plenty of TIME, plenty of MONEY, plenty of LOVE.” KNOW… that what you want actually wants you.

Now, we’re not saying go and spend all your money. Let’s be clear. What we are saying is KNOW THAT YOU COULD. BELIEVE IT. It’s about the thoughts you think.


…help to strengthen your outlook and recharge your batteries. You don’t have to spend anything to do that. 

Where can YOU go to get peace? …The best place.Nature. Find a place to THINK and be free from worry. Do this every day.

Why? Because there actually isn’t anything to worry about. There is a perfect plan for you in the INFINITE and you have to realize this in your thoughts.

All you have to do is be clear on what you want and take small steps towards it every day.

“What if I don’t know what car I want? Then ASK for the RIGHT ANSWER. “What kind of car would make me happy?” Ask this EVERY DAY.

Ah, you think this is all silly. …I see.

How’s that technique working for you so far?

Automotive Inspirations… LETTING IT GO

Ok, let’s understand something here. The Universe is INTELLIGENT.

And your subconscious mind is your actual connection to it.

It doesn’t judge right or wrong. It just does whatever you say or THINK about… in the most efficient and perfect manner to bring it to fruition once you’ve asked.

Ok. You got that, right?

Now, …asking for what you want means to say it in such a way as to be clear, concise and honest. You can’t fool it. It MUST be said in your own words. And it MUST be emotionalized. (That’s a fancy word for making sure you have some feeling behind it).

Okay, so now that you’ve asked… DON’T doubt. Not one bit.

DON’T talk negatively.

DON’T give excuses and change your mind.


Remember, the Universe is working in the most perfect manner to bring it to you. A perfect plan. If you want to mess it up, then stop believing in it. Show lack of faith. And you WILL tear it down. AND… it will not happen.

With me so far?

BUT, if you have faith. IF you believe. Then… IT HAPPENS. EVERY TIME.

The “hows” are none of your business. Just the “what’s” and the faith to see it through.

“According to your belief, it is done unto you.”

CAUSE: This was my experiment day before yesterday. I asked for a prosperity gift to appear. I was clear. I was concise. And… I LET IT GO.

EFFECT: At 6pm, yesterday, it came. A prosperous job locked in for next month.


Work every day, all day to remind yourself that the Universe is conspiring for your good. And it is.

Fireball recommends Ernest Holmes’ SCIENCE OF MIND.

Automotive Inspirations… Your Daily Dose of Cool.

We’re all designers. Design is our core. It’s the creation of something cool. For me it’s cars, but you can be a designer of marketing plans, teams, math equations, shopping lists, balance sheets. Everything is designed. CREATED IN MIND. And if you love what you do, then you’ll become good at it. And that’s the key to life. Love it… or leave it. Then, commit to finding what you love until it comes. …Even if it’s a million dollar car.

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Automotive Inspirations… Your Daily Dose of Cool.

You want an answer to your question? Don’t know what to do? Then keep calm, close your eyes and take a breath. Then ASK. The answer will always come, without fail. Through and idea, person or circumstance. But be ready for it and EXPECT it. It’s called INSPIRATION… and it looks like this.

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Automotive Inspirations… Your Daily Dose of Cool.

The most difficult thing for a human being to do is to believe in the unseen. But knowing that the “seen” is an EFFECT, and the CAUSE is our imagination, pretty much everything is seen. Might as well believe it now, right? That’s why they call them Concept Cars. Get out there today and make that dream real!

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Automotive Inspirations… Your Daily Dose of Cool.

A magnifying glass doesn’t work if you keep moving it around. Stay focused on one thing at a time, all the way to its completion. Keep your thoughts one-pointed and watch success move to you. That’s how great cars are built.

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Automotive Inspirations for JULY…

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Lots of great stuff this month!

Automotive Inspiration… HOW TO AVOID DRAMA

Automotive Inspiration… HOW TO AVOID DRAMA

It’s a PROBLEM… only if you think it’s a PROBLEM.

… and it’s not.

Buying into drama is poisonous. Whether it be gossip, potential disaster or whatever. When you jump on the drama band wagon, you’re only hurting yourself in the eyes of CAUSE and EFFECT.

Thoughts become things. You think a negative thought about someone… it comes back to you in a dramatic boomerang. Only multiplied.

Steer clear of problems by not acknowledging themever.

Concentrate on resolve and peace. Have faith that the answer comes easily and with perfection for everyone. And… IT WILL.

CAUSE: Thoughts of a mountain… or a molehill.

EFFECT: Mountains of problems …or peace. Your choice.

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