What’s Coming to THE FIREBALL PAD This Summer? Check it out…

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What’s coming to the Fireball Pad?

Lots of cool cars coming to the Pad starting next week. Here’s the line-up, although not necessarily the order. All 2016 Models from HYUNDAI, KIA, MAZDA & MITSUBISHI. We’ll be Vlogging these cars from January through April, but will be sneaking in a few others in the meantime.

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What’s coming up @THE FIREBALL PAD?

IMG_0475It’s crazy time here at the Pad and the upcoming VLOGS. If you’re looking for a new car, want to head to the beach or looking to buy a new home… We’ve got news.

Along with our daily cool drives, SuperCar Thursday and BeachAntics, Fireball Malibu Vlog will now be featuring SuperHomes on Mondays!

BIG THANKS to MalibuLiving.org, Kathie and I are invited to preview a new insane Malibu Luxury Home every Monday to show you guys. Crazy Architecture, beautiful beaches, SuperPads and Rockin’ Real Estate will be the focus, but it’s all about parking your cool car at a cool pad. And we’re going to show you awesomeness, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE or on our Youtube Channel for the Daily Show. And also check out MalibuLiving’s super cool App! It’s FREE!

Malibu Living is the BEST Resource there is for all things Malibu, including Malibu Cars & Coffee.

Now, for the upcoming cars, yo. THIS WEEK… the 2015 Chevy Impala.

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CLICK BELOW TO SEE MORE from Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and the new Chevy Silverado!

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What’s coming to the Fireball Pad this week? The 2015 HYUNDAI SANTA FE…


So smooth… my butt will be floatin’ like Uranus. (Wait, did I just write that out loud?) STAY TUNED!!

What’s happening @ THE FIREBALL PAD this week…


Ok, so what’s up at the pad this week? Pop a Squat and I’ll tell ya…

• Wednesday I’m getting abducted by aliens and transported to a planet of car people. THE ENTIRE PLANET LOVES CARS. WUPEE! Wait… that’s not right. Wednesday is April Fool’s Day. DANG!

• I’ve been driving the 2015 Chrysler 200 all week with a review coming, but Wednesday brings in the all new 2016 CHRYSLER 300! (I hope it’s not an April Fool’s Joke.) Why? Well, because I’m headed on Thursday to a PreScreening of FURIOUS7 and since this is being put on by Dodge and at the Motor Trend offices in El Segundo, it had to be Mopar.

• Friday is my Birthday, so there’s that. I’m gonna do SQUAT!

• Saturday, I’m headed AGAIN to see FURIOUS7 for MY BIRTHDAY! (Did I mention it was my 50th Birthday?) And if you’re so inclined and happen to be in Culver City, we’ll be hitting (most likely) a 3pm show at the Pacific Culver Stadium 12. Check back on the blog to confirm the showtime at the end of the week. Hope to see you there!

• Kathie (my Bride) is currently working on a Mascot Costume for the Shenandoa University in Virginia. I designed this puppy (he’s not a puppy, but a Hornet. Whatever) and it’s coming along nicely. Watch her site here for details.

• Sunday brings Easter and I’d like to wish all of you guys the VERY BEST EASTER EVER!!! I love all of you truly and send you prosperity and love for this year. PLUS… lots and lots of Cadbury Chocolate Eggs.

COMING UP ON 5MINUTE DRIVE!!! The Bride and I rock a Mazda to go Whale Watching… EPISODE 44 and some all new CAR STORIES coming soon!

INCOMING!!!! The 2015 Fiat Abarth arrives @ The Fireball Pad… Plus, Blimps, Keanu & an Enzo…


The week is starting out with a bang as this lil’ speedster (2015 FIAT ABARTH) is arriving at THE FIREBALL PAD today here in Malibu. I’ll be spending a week carving canyons and doing what you do in a pocket rocket like this. Look out for me comin’ thru! But what’s happening the rest of the week??

TOMORROW… An exclusive CHRYSLER EVENT in Culver City will reveal some create things that the brand is doing with future cars. I’ll be meeting and talking with the President Al Gardner to see what’s up. I think a HellCat Fiat should be the topic of discussion, eh?

5MINUTE DRIVE Part 2 of my Goodyear Blimp ride with Actor DENISE CROSBY is coming soon (editing now!), PLUS a trip to Keanu Reeves’ shop to get a closer look at his ARCH MOTORCYCLES. Badass Bikes a cometh!!

And if all goes well, a drive in an ENZO FERRARI over the weekend, courtesy of FastToysClub and then a visit to SUPERCAR SUNDAY. Join me!!