MASSIVE LUXURY YACHT PULLS INTO MALIBU – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 689 – Prior to leaving to The Murphy Museum, Fireball spots this MEGA YACHT as it PULLS INTO MALIBU. Besides a Yacht in Malibu, Fireball heads to The Murphy Museum to meet the MUSEUM ALLIANCE OF VENTURA COUNTY. Plus some fun stuff with Kathie.


(Formerly known as Associated Historical Societies and Museums of Ventura County) is a consortium of 32 historical societies, museums, and tourist bureaus in Ventura County.

Founded in 1988, by Mary Schwabauer, President Emeritus, and others, in an effort to familiarize members with programs at each institution and exchange information regarding developments and issues in the county historical community while jointly support the unique missions of each entity.

The group holds two county wide meetings yearly hosted at one of the Museums.

The Museum Alliance of Ventura County continues today to be a unifying presence in Ventura County Museum activity.

It actively promotes our wonderful museums by publishing a yearly brochure that is distributed throughout Southern California.

Through this web site we will expand our ability to help visitors become aware of the multitude of cultural and historical places to visit in beautiful, scenic Ventura County.

Watch FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 54! It’s Cool Hillside Luxury…

This episode… Fireball and Kathie head up Piuma in Malibu to see an amazing hillside home thanks to Malibu Living.


DRIVING THE FUTURE… #MercedesAMG #Yacht #Lexus #Hypercar #SuperCar #Luxury

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I drive the 2015 CADILLAC ATS4 COUPE… ‘Cause it’s a @Cadillac and that’s just the way it goes… fast #ATSCoupe #Cadillac #LuxuryCoupe @ShadBalch


Recently, the boys and girls from Cadillac asked me to come out and drive the all new (not in showrooms yet) 2015 CADILLAC ATS4 COUPE. The plan was to head up PCH from SanMo and have lunch in Ojai. After a presentation for a couple of Detroit’s Caddy experts, I jumped in an ATS4 All Wheel Drive and hit it. Right off the bat, I noticed the unique growl of the exhaust and eager to get goin,’ that brought out a big smile. But the surprise of the day regarding this Lil’ RoadKiller was the steering. Responsive and Nimble just didn’t cut it. It felt like a true extension of my arms and fingertips. Loved it.

At 31MPG Hwy, this luxo cruiser did well and despite my desire to launch from every stop sign, the 16Gl Tank didn’t deplete too much. It’s a fun car that you DON’T feel guilt about. You can get stats in a million spots, so let’s talk design…

The weight is the same as the sedan, but this Coupe felt light and agile and the overall design reflects it. Raked, sculpted, aggressive yet not egotistical, the design theme made me feel like I made a good choice and that I know that the freshness will last. Grateful for that as many cars get old in their sculpture quick. But the crispness of the lines felt futuristic, yet consciously unique. Starting at $38K, you can have one of these babies for a song compared to most Luxury Coupes. And this one is the lightest one in it’s class. Want to spend a little more and you just get faster and more opulent.

VERY BIG THANKS to Caddy for having me out and for the lunch in Ojai at The Ojai Vally Inn. I haven’t been back there since I used to work there in the early 80’s. Whew. Times have changed… and so has Cadillac.

DSC00785 DSC00788 DSC00797

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2014 HYUNDAI EQUUS arrives @ The Fireball Pad… #hyundai #newcar #luxurycar #drive #malibu


This coming week’s episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE should be a lot of fun and we have a special celebrity guest. Who is it? Well, in just a week or so, you’ll know, but we’ll be cruisin’ in Hyundai’s new couch, the EQUUS. Stay tuned…


2018 HONDA CIVIC SI ARRIVES IN MALIBU – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 729 – The 2018 Honda Civic Si Coupe arrives in Malibu to Fireball’s delight, but that won’t stop he and Kathie from hitting the beach.

2018 HONDA CIVIC SI… The Honda Civic Si is a sport compact trim of Civic by Honda.

The Si (Sport Injected) trim was introduced for the third generation of Honda Civics in both Japan and North America.

In Canada and elsewhere the trim became known as the SiR for the sixth and seventh generations, and the Si trim was equivalent to the USDM EX model.

For the Japanese and European markets, the Civic Type R was adopted as the high-performance variant of the Civic, starting with the EK9 hatch for Japan in 1996 and then with the EP3 hatch for Europe in 2001.

In North America the Type R name was never used until the 2017 model year with the launch of the Honda Civic Type R. Previous to this the Si label was the highest in North America(except for Acura vehicles).

The Civic Si contrasts with the more track-oriented and spartan Type R, which has less sound deadening and amenities in return for better performance.

The Civic Si has been positioned as more of a full-featured sport trim, featuring luxury options such as a sunroof and a seven speaker audio system.