Watch FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 54! It’s Cool Hillside Luxury…

This episode… Fireball and Kathie head up Piuma in Malibu to see an amazing hillside home thanks to Malibu Living.


DRIVING THE FUTURE… #MercedesAMG #Yacht #Lexus #Hypercar #SuperCar #Luxury

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I drive the 2015 CADILLAC ATS4 COUPE… ‘Cause it’s a @Cadillac and that’s just the way it goes… fast #ATSCoupe #Cadillac #LuxuryCoupe @ShadBalch


Recently, the boys and girls from Cadillac asked me to come out and drive the all new (not in showrooms yet) 2015 CADILLAC ATS4 COUPE. The plan was to head up PCH from SanMo and have lunch in Ojai. After a presentation for a couple of Detroit’s Caddy experts, I jumped in an ATS4 All Wheel Drive and hit it. Right off the bat, I noticed the unique growl of the exhaust and eager to get goin,’ that brought out a big smile. But the surprise of the day regarding this Lil’ RoadKiller was the steering. Responsive and Nimble just didn’t cut it. It felt like a true extension of my arms and fingertips. Loved it.

At 31MPG Hwy, this luxo cruiser did well and despite my desire to launch from every stop sign, the 16Gl Tank didn’t deplete too much. It’s a fun car that you DON’T feel guilt about. You can get stats in a million spots, so let’s talk design…

The weight is the same as the sedan, but this Coupe felt light and agile and the overall design reflects it. Raked, sculpted, aggressive yet not egotistical, the design theme made me feel like I made a good choice and that I know that the freshness will last. Grateful for that as many cars get old in their sculpture quick. But the crispness of the lines felt futuristic, yet consciously unique. Starting at $38K, you can have one of these babies for a song compared to most Luxury Coupes. And this one is the lightest one in it’s class. Want to spend a little more and you just get faster and more opulent.

VERY BIG THANKS to Caddy for having me out and for the lunch in Ojai at The Ojai Vally Inn. I haven’t been back there since I used to work there in the early 80’s. Whew. Times have changed… and so has Cadillac.

DSC00785 DSC00788 DSC00797

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2014 HYUNDAI EQUUS arrives @ The Fireball Pad… #hyundai #newcar #luxurycar #drive #malibu


This coming week’s episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE should be a lot of fun and we have a special celebrity guest. Who is it? Well, in just a week or so, you’ll know, but we’ll be cruisin’ in Hyundai’s new couch, the EQUUS. Stay tuned…


RARE TOYOTA CENTURY V12 LIMOUSINE – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 676 – Fireball heads to The Automobile Driving Museum for JDM at the ADM, spots an early 90’s Rare Toyota Century V12 Limousine. Then off to a Shelby America event in Marina Del Rey.

The Toyota Century V12 (Japanese: トヨタ・センチュリー) is a large four-door limousine produced mainly for the Japanese market, serving as Toyota’s flagship car within Japan; whilst globally the unrelated Lexus LS series is Toyota’s flagship luxury model outside Japan.

Production of the Toyota Century V12 began in 1967 and the model received only minor changes until a redesign in 1997.

The Toyota Century V12 derived its name from the 100th birthday of Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota Industries.

The Toyota Century V12 was available with only a V8 engine, the third Japanese built sedan post-war, at its introduction in 1967 until a major redesign in 1997, and is now only available with a Toyota Century V12 built V12, an engine unique to the Century.

Although the Toyota Century V12 Limousine is a premium, full size luxury sedan, it is not available at Japanese Lexus dealerships; it can only be purchased at specifically identified Toyota Store locations.

The logo used throughout is called the Hō-ō 鳳凰 or Fushichō from Asian mythology, representing the Imperial House of Japan.

The exterior styling of the Toyota Century V12 Limousine has, with some modifications, remained unchanged since its introduction, primarily due to its perceived social status as the “preferred vehicle denoting conservative success”.

Its appearance is iconic in Asian countries, usually painted black.

The closest Japanese competitor is the Nissan President, with a similar reputation, although during the 1960s and ’70s, the high market positioning was also shared with the Mitsubishi Debonair.

The Toyota Century V12 Limousine briefly saw other Japanese competitors introduce large sedans called the Isuzu Statesman de Ville and the Mazda Roadpacer (derived from General Motors-Australia products) which were short-lived.

2017 NISSAN MAXIMA SR brings the unexpected…

The beauty of getting to drive a lot of cars is that it reveals many things.

And while most people would think you’d begin to notice all the faults and inconsistencies of cars and design, the exact opposite is actually true.

What stands out in cars as they arrive at my pad is what I notice. What decisions did the car manufacturers make that separated them from the rest of the heap?

Cars can begin to blend together when you get as many as I do. But when a car shows up that truly raises the bar, you’re reminded of the fun of driving rather than the mechanical act of just getting somewhere.

The 2017 Nissan Maxima SR is such a car and, at a little over $40K, it enters into a low-end luxury class but feels high-end. The design of the car is racy, especially in the dark red over black rims and black multi-clad interior.

The Maxima has really evolved over the years into a world-class design champ and has a great language that has become its own.

Mirrored with a 3.5l DOHC 24Valve V6 with 300hp and 261 lb-ft torque, the raciness is just about right.

It’s a sprinter when it needs to be, a luxo-cruiser when it needs to be and an all-around PCH mover. I like it. I mean I really like it.

It’s a hard thing to separate yourself from the rest. It’s generally considered an ego thing to stand out, but it’s really about giving something to the world that the world can love. And that brings us to the whole point.

It may seem that car companies are in it for the money. But go a bit deeper inside this idea and you’ll have to ask one question: Why? Why make the money? Why is society so consumed with it?

Well, the answer is simple, and many will scoff at it, but it’s my belief that in order to get something from the world, you have to give it something first. And our job is to put as much love into the world as we can while fending off incoming stabs, accusations and negativity.

How do you get the best from the world? Just give it your best. Are you doing that? Are you willing to step up and do that?

It seems like Nissan is — and has been for many years. My second car was a Nissan Sentra in 1985 and I loved that car and was sad when I finally sold it many years later.

But the Nissan brand and its commitment to making the world a better place through its products stuck with me. I’d buy one again.

So it comes down to this, as always. Buy a car because of the way it makes you feel and for no other reason. In fact, buy all things that way and your life will slowly evolve, too.

Have a great week, folks.

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