WATCH! 560HP 2014 BMW M6 GRAN COUPE & RAY ABRUZZO – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG – Fun interview as Fireball grabs Actor Ray Abruzzo (The Sopranos, Dads) for a rocket ship ride up PCH in a 560hp 2014 BMW M6 GRAN COUPE!

Watch Ep22 of 5MINUTE DRIVE with Actor RAY ABRUZZO from Sopranos… @rayabruzzo #sopranos #dads #5minutedrive


What an absolute blast, having RAY ABRUZZO on this week’s show, plus the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe. What an awesome ride. We talked all things SOPRANOS, DADS and Horses too. Not necessarily in that order. 😉 Check out Ray on last week’s episode of DADS here and his IMBD, too. He’s been around and tells it like it is, baby. Watch below or hit this link to go straight to my Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to watch the Outtakes!

New 5MINUTE DRIVE episode with Ray Abruzzo premieres MONDAY! @RayAbruzzo @BMWUSAnews #bmw

Final touches are going onto Episode 22 of 5MINUTE DRIVE with Actor RAY ABRUZZO. He’s a pretty funny guy for being such a badass on Sopranos. You’ll see…

PLUS, the 2014 BMW M6 GRAN COUPE! Scary fast…


Upcoming guests on 5MINUTE DRIVE… Director Brian Levant, Actor Bill Mumy & United Pilot Alberto Diaz… @rayabruzzo


Some great guests coming up for 5MINUTE DRIVE. These include Director Brian Levant who’s credits include Jingle All the Way & The Flintstones, Actor Bill Mumy from The Twilight Zone & Lost in Space and United Pilot and ex-fighter pilot Albert Diaz. All starting after I get back from Breckenridge. So cool…

Don’t forget to watch this week’s episode with RAY ABRUZZO from The Sopranos!


CONFIRMED for 5MINUTE DRIVE upcoming episodes… @TheDeniseCrosby @BillMumy @RayAbruzzo


Very excited about the next few weeks as my guests roll in for 5MINUTE DRIVE. Filming this Thursday with DENISE CROSBY (Star Trek The Next Generation) followed by BILLY MUMY (Lost In Space & The Twilight Zone) and then RAY ABRUZZO (Sopranos.) I’ll also be interviewing Director BRIAN LEVANT if all goes well.

Be sure to check out the last couple of episodes with Actors ERIC PIERPOINT and TONY DOW. Rock N’ Roll, baby…



BRECKENRIDGE Day 4… Snowmobiling the Rockies #colorado #snowmobile #adventure #rockies

DSC_2384 copy

A pretty incredible day, starting off with a drive deep up into the Rockies to White Mountain for a Snowmobile Adventure. We landed at about 12:30 via shuttle at a base plateau, grabbed our Snow-Motorcycles and then headed up into some of the most incredible white country I’ve ever seen. These machines are fast…

Although the photos don’t really do the scenery justice, the gratitude and humility I feel in how small we are in relation to the beauty of this planet staggers me. I would immediately put this on the top of your list of things to experience. You will never forget it.

Today… it’s Chill Day. Gotta rest up a bit as we head back to Malibu tomorrow and start production on several 5MINUTE DRIVES. Did you see the latest episode with Ray Abruzzo? Check it out. He’s awesome. DSC_2383 copy DSC_2385 copy DSC_2387 copy DSC_2390 copy (Read on…)