On Today’s Vlog… MOTOR4TOYS CARSHOW!! – FMV503

Fireball, Ken & Wes hit MOTOR4TOYS in Woodland hills for it’s 13th Annual Event, then it’s back to the Fireball Pad in Malibu for a hike past burned out Malibu Homes. Finally, all wrapped up in Fireball’s closing nonsense including the latest CARtoons Magazine!


FIREBALL MOVIE ART… #Firebirds #ClassicCool #Concept #CarDesign #Toys #Diecast @shadbalch

FirebirdBlkFrontSml FirebirdBlkRearSml

These designs I did as a series of toy concepts based on GM’s original MOTORAMA Concept Cars of the 50’s. Sadly, the toys were never made, but check out some of the casts AFTER THE JUMP that finally showed up, although pretty rough and bad proportioned. I still own the designs, so if any of you have a toy company… 😉


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MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 trashes BMWs like toys… #missionimpossible #tomcruise #bmw #crashed

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.02.56 AM

Sheesh. I guess Tom needs some driving lessons or BMW should make their cars out of Unobtainium. In any case, MI5 should be ridiculously awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 5.03.05 AM

What’s up @ The Fireball Pad next week? Ostrich, @Arrowhead @Kia Flintstones, Bill Wall, Toys, T-Shirts & a new SHOW! @WCM_AgouraHills

Man, I really have to get myself Xeroxed…. Ok, here we go… NEXT WEEK is off the hook with so much happening that I have to leave town just to do it all!! But, here at The Fireball Pad, that’s how we roll… so let’s get started.

KCL is full steam into another OSTRICH for The White House Easter Egg Roll. Coming along nicely and here’s a Behind the Scenes Shot of Kathie doin’ her thang.


• Off to BIG BEAR and ARROWHEAD on Wednesday for a scoot in this week’s ride. The 2014 KIA OPTIMA. Gonna wee willie winkle the roads up there and visit Sarkisian Coffee while I’m at it.


• This week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE episode airing on Monday features Hollywood Director BRIAN LEVANT and the EXTREEEEEME KING TAHOE! He directed THE FLINTSTONES. Wait for it… Wait for it… KAPOWEEEE!!!

• My article in The Malibu Surfside News (out on Wednesday) features celeb and all around cool guy, BILL WALL of BILL WALL LEATHER. His cars are sick!

• Designs for my new TOYS are comin’ together nicely. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be on shelves in WalMart, Target and more for XMas. What are they? Well, all I can say is that they are squashed, pulled apart, slammed down and ripped together. Stay toooned for more NEWS coming…

• New Kid’s T-SHIRTS are also coming from WORLD CLASS MOTORING! They’re called MUSCLE•KID™ and the first shirt is gonna make kids go bonkers! Should be any day now…

5MINUTE DRIVE is doing so well that local station KDOC-LA56 has plans. Can’t say much more, but if you squeeze your eyeballs closed and envision coolness, you’ll be dead-on.

Off to The Rose for coffee this morgone. Who’s with me??

BIG THANKS to the boys of DIECAST X… #diecast #toys #toycars #diecastcars #hotwheels #johnnylightning

Very appreciative to Joe Kelly, Editor of DIECAST X Magazine for this great article. Diecast X is the # Mag for toys like Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and all things cool. Be sure to check them out here and if you’re into cars, then snag up a subscription.

Diecast1 Diecast2 Diecast3 Diecast4

This week @ THE MALIBU FIREBALL PAD… Superbowl, Toys, 5MD, Cars, Comics & Cool @malibu #malibu @malibooz


BIG week here at the Fireball Pad in the Bu. Lots of fun and wacky projects building that should add to this year’s Official Cool Factor (OCF). So, let’s get to it…

KCL… has secure the contract for the 2015 ARIZONA SUPERBOWL. That means that Kathie is building the Superbowl Mascot to premiere in Arizona. I’ve been designing him for the last couple months and it looks pretty fun. If you recall, she did the Superbowl a few years back with SPIKE. And although his name will be the same, the design is completely different. New KCL Episodes coming also.

TOYS… Because of my writings in the PATCH, an interesting opportunity has come for toys. Just signed a licensing deal with a great new client to design toys for Christmas 2014. On shelves. Now, although I can’t say who or what it is, I can say that the toys are gonna be awesome. And yes, cars. But, if you know the kind of stuff I like to do, then you’ll know they won’t be normal. Cha.

5MINUTE DRIVE… episode was supposed to go live this morning but due to Youtube tech difficulties (Thank you very much), it borked. So, expect that episode tomorrow… but here’s an image for ya until then.

CARS… be comin’ to the Fireball Pad this year and this week is the aggregation. I’ll be driving cars from CHEVROLET, CADILLAC, HYUNDAI, KIA, VOLVO, MITSUBISHI, PORSCHE, BMW & MINI. Looking to secure others, too but there WILL be some surprises.

COMICS… will continue @ the MALIBU SURFSIDE NEWS, but we’ve expanded to RIDE OF THE WEEK. New articles about cool people in Malibu with their Cool Rides. Be sure to subscribe or peruse the site for the latest. This is a year of advancement and serious growth and I’m stoked about that. Do you live in the Bu and want to be featured? askfireball@fireballtim.com

BOOKS… are still in the works. WACKY STATES is looking for a Publisher and Book 3 will be on its way (conceptually) soon. Yes, it’s LETTERS and kids are gonna love this one.

On the Fireball Project Horizon? The Sedona Film Festival, Mill Dog Rescue, Ebay Motors, Talk Show & Hypershorts.


Today’s Vids… FREEZER, F1 HISTORY IN TOYS, REVERSE RACING IN REVERSE #freezer @freezer #f1 #toys


A wee bit of everything for today… in only 3 vids. The Trailer for the upcoming FREEZER, a cool History of F1 with animated toys and see what’s wrong with these wee cars a’ racin.’

Freezer by teasertrailer

KING TAHOE is fulla Hot Wheels… and they’ve got yer name on ’em… #hotwheels #toys #diecast

Over the next month before Christmas, if you see me perusing PCH (Malibu, Santa Monica, Calabasas, etc…) in King Tahoe, be sure to wave (or honk nicely!). But if you get a chance to stop me, I’ll pull over and give you (and whomever is in your car) a brand new HOT WHEELS! Why? Because Santa has his sleigh and I have my KING TAHOE. And I love cars and so should YOU…


KIA & HYUNDAI reveal their TOYS in NY & SEOUL…


Here’s a couple of awesome concepts from KIA (The Cub) and HYUNDAI (The HND-9). Good looking, sleek and fun. Now, we just need ’em on the road so we can play.

Hyundai HND-9 Concept1_FireballTim Hyundai HND-9 Concept2_FireballTim Hyundai HND-9 Concept3_FireballTim Hyundai HND-9 Concept4_FireballTim Hyundai HND-9 Concept5_FireballTim  Kia+CUB+Concept+5 Kia+CUB+Concept+7 Kia+CUB+Concept+8

New DARK KNIGHT RISES Batwing and Batman toys look lame-o…

Somehow, this doesn’t excite me all that much. Are toys becoming too plastic-ee? I seem to remember toys as a kid being somewhat indestructible… and this looks like it would last a few days in the hands of an aggressive 8-year old “Playgineer.”

And Batman? He’s kinda lame, too. Pretty sure my son’s “Deep Dive Batman” was cooler. But I’m sure the movie will rock my frikkin’ socks.