Fireball PICKS OF THE DAY… AMC, Olds & Dodge

Any of you ever have these rides from the past? Can you name them? Why is it that we love these cars so much?


Real Car lovers NEVER get tired of seeing amazing designs from the past… and future. Can you name them?

These are my picks of the day… now DROOL.

Faces of THE MALIBU CAR SHOW… Wednesday Photoset

Sure, Covid is affecting a lot of people and the way they do things. And if you’re worried, STAY HOME. But if you aren’t worried, then let these smiles show you that not all hope is lost.

Seriously, don’t leave a nasty post here because you see maskless faces. It will just get deleted. Use common sense for yourself and don’t hate others for their decisions. These people have faith and are expressing that. Respect others and they will respect you. Judge others, and you’ll be… well, you get it.

STATION WAGONS at DONUT DERELICTS! – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1009

STATION WAGONS at DONUT DERELICTS! – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1009 – Fireball meets up with M.C. Ken and Dawn for some great Kustoms and Wagons at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach.

Bonkers MALIBU CAR SHOW features all things cool Nov29th… TUESDAY PHOTO SET!!

Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book drops TOMORROW on Amazon!!

I’m not supposed to tell you that this is our BEST BOOK YET! I’m not supposed to tell you that the MAZE is the TOUGHEST ONE!

And I’m definitely not supposed to say that if you poke around on Amazon… you may just see that is already there!!! Definitely NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY THAT!

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Insane MALIBU CAR SHOW goes off over the weekend Nov29th… MONDAY PHOTO SET!!

Gonna give you guys some great shots over the week from the Malibu Car Show yesterday. Too many to show, so just a wee bit every day.

This set, a beautiful Magnum 308, Bruce Meyer’s 1957 Mercedes Convertible flanked by a ’57 Gullwing and my Vette from Chevy. Huge crowd, tons of cool masks and a great attitude.

Peeps Brad and Val giving the thumbs up. Great show. MORE TOMORROW!


Woke at 4. In the Vette by 5. In Fountain Valley to pick up ma boyee M.C. Ken Vela of Wikd Kustoms at 5:45. Donut Derelicts by 6… and it was already PACKED. SHEESH!!! What’s a Vette gotta do?

Show you the BEST…

Outstanding COVER of the Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book REVEALED!!!!

Here it is!!! Loosely based on Syd’s SENTINEL piece, I use the Coloring Scheme of PALM SPRING for an early evening shot. Came out great!

PLUS, the Book will feature direct access to Syd APP “Wheelman” via a new QR Code!!

Book drops on AMAZON 4 days!!!

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The infamous ‘GYRON’ makes it into the Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book!

I often wondered what Syd’s GYRON would like like in the field? He only did one piece (that I know of) featuring the one-wheeled gyroscopically balanced vehicle, but it was in a Station… all of them getting ready to take off.

But we never so then go… UNTIL NOW.

The Official VEHICLES of SYD MEAD Coloring Book hits Amazon December 1st!

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